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How Holding on to the Past Deters Spiritual Healing

How does holding onto anything of the past, such as past pains, deter spiritual healing? Does this also include the holding onto of good memories as well?

The idea of emptying out your past of all attachments is healing, because when you are attached to anything, you are attached to holding onto a grudge, or to a thought about this element of the past, and this attachment always then holds you there, and so this then stops you from being fully present in the moment of now.

This healing of yourself spiritually involves ongoing conscious awakening, and the building of more awareness. Awareness breaks attachment to the past, or to anything else besides, and this will help you to heal, because at its heart, all healing is simply about ongoing spiritual growth.

Healing can be either real, or cosmetic, and so in this latter case, on the surface only. Spiritual healing goes deeper than this surface healing, and it is only you that can really heal yourself spiritually.

Love and its truth heal a person by allowing a focused level of energy to act across all aspects of that person, and so the usual scattering of God’s love into the various other parts of the human self are then rearranged into a pyramiding of love pointing upwards to your soul. When we follow this inner pointing, we see ourselves as soul, and this wholeness, that is only obtained from the soul viewpoint, is ultimately the only real healing that is really ever possible for anyone.

All other healing is cosmetic, and it will need to be redone, because your karma always returns you to the necessity for this real healing to take its place within you, again and again and again, until it does. You are lead to your real self for the reason that only you can heal yourself, and ultimately all illness has come about from your own karma.

Karma is a separating factor, and it detracts you away from the love that is within every situation, and which is showing you to your true path, and which is leading you then towards your obtaining of a real healing of all of the greater aspects of creation, which are of truth, love, and of your connection to God. You need to be healed from your breaking away from love, truth, and God, and this is what some religions refer to as being your sins.

The eastern religions do not regard karma as being sin. To them it is helping us by returning the results of our actions to us. The Christian bible agreed with this when it told us that, that which we sow, we will also later reap.

The English standard version of the bible tells us this in this verse, from the book of Galatians, chapter 6, and verse 7.

” Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap.”

Our sins bring their own punishment, but rather than seeing this as being punishment, some spiritual masters have seen karma as actually being the healing hand of God.

” Karma is the law that works for righteousness; it is the healing hand of God.”

This quote is from the great Indian mystic, teacher, and spiritual giant, known as Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj.

Healing equates to being sin because sin is an aspect of life that has not been fully understood as yet from love, and so this ignorance is in need of healing. All misunderstanding, or lack of understanding is a sin, because you are not using the ears of learning that God has given to you to listen with. Consciousness is your tool that connects your mind to the love in your heart, and this then allows the transmission of love’s truths to be understood from your mind, which can then grasp the essential wisdom that sits behind them, love’s truths.

Knowledge grows legs in this way, and so then it becomes the wisdom of application of God’s love within you. When you live from only love, you are fully healed, despite the carrying of any lower ailments still, that are carried forth thereafter when necessary to glorify God’s showing to others that a perfect person in God can live in a non perfect body, in the sense of them knowing that the body is only a vehicle housing them for a short period of time.

This is why many spiritual masters have died from physical illnesses such as cancer, for example.

Your body just needs to perform, and to do what it must do for you, and anything else could be called unnecessary. There is no need to become attached to your body, mind, or personality self. The real you is your spiritual self, or your soul.

Our past can remind us where we have come from, but it should never prevent us from taking any of the steps to where we are going.

Healing is a collective as well as an individual phenomenon. One person taking a step forwards in spiritual development assists all other persons to do so too. One person becoming healed helps to heal all others as well. Healing is collectively felt because love is one great energy of itself that always acts to attract all souls towards itself. Love is the greatest healing energy.

When we love our past instead of fearing it in any way, love will then we able to act to heal us of all of the pain that might be associated with our past, and which we might still be carrying, either consciously, or unconsciously.

Holding onto anything, including our past, prevents this full connection to love taking place within us. When love’s full energy is not being lived from, or realised and released within us, this then creates an area of ourselves that needs to be healed. This is a sin, and the sin will come to our notice in a number of possible ways. One is physical illness, and another is a mental hang-up, or in other words maintaining a negative feeling or attitude in our lives, and so allowing it to colour our lives in an adverse, or negative way.

Drop the past into love’s lap, and you will be healed. This is having faith in God, because God is essentially this love. God is love, and when we too are only this love, by us serving God fully, sin will find no place within us to attach itself to then, and so we will not then be attached to anything from our past either, and so we will then remain in the present, living a life that is healed of all influences from the past, or from our past sins.