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How do i Make a Miracle

Miracles exist because I believe they exist.  To create them, through the Christ, I must believe they pop up as easily as thought.  Miracles are the power all of us as Christians have.  What probably separates you from me is that I actually see mine.  You might see yours too, but for some of you it is just a rock tossed into an ocean that may or may not exist.  I know mine always happen.  There is no separation of faith and reality.  I move this place as if it were water.  Through my faith in the Lord I have come to understand that my requests always get worked on.  They are never ever discarded.  Miracles flow from my thoughts as easily as two plus two.

Folks….you have to know they are there.  Some of you do not really believe in miracles.  Why do I say that?  Some of you have never seen them happen, thus the proof has not really become embedded in your soul.  Once you witness many of them, all in one day, your mind will change.

Everything outside of you can change completely.  It can be a completely different world.  The people can change, the finances can change, the reality can completely flip around to assist you with your goals, assuming they are healthy.  Don’t you think God wants your life to improve?  He wants it more than anything.  He is literally waiting to move mountains for you, and all you must do to get that moving is ask and believe.

I’m not an old wise man.  I’m a 34 year old wise man.  I have been tortured by life to the point where I almost died.  Now all I do is show people the way that has gotten me here.  I have everything that God wants me to have, and I know that.  I am happy about it, I am satisfied with it, and the joy I get from achieving it is absolutely awesome.  It is all a tremendous stream of miracles that I know pass on to other folks.

Life is such an amazing canvas.  You can write upon it however you like.  Your brush strokes can whip everything around.  This is your place and no one else’s.  You live in the best world there is, and no one can take that from you.  I suggest that right here, right now, you listen to the guy who knows exactly why and how to get everything done in your life.  I can create incredible stuff, and I can help you create incredible stuff, but all I can do is point you toward it and provide you with some of the miraculous energy that has gotten me here.  Christ supplies it in unending fashion to the point where when you do things right, the miracles automatically pop off from you and hit everyone in your life.  That is the kind of power God truly offers to those that believe.