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Hijab and Abaya – No

The ban on burqa in France by president Nicholas Surkozy is a step to extremism on the part of France. France is supposed to be a secular state where every person is allowed to live according to his will in peace. Why are the Muslims exempted from this list to entertain basic human rights what is there fault. The reason they give to ban burqa is that it hides the identity of a person, what proof do they have that all the crimes committed in France are done by veiled women wearing burqas. This is a deliberate attempt to crush the Muslims and to refrain them from practicing the Islamic laws of purdah. This is also against the will of any Muslim woman who wants to practice Islam fully and please Allah by following the path showed by his prophet Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him). Not every single woman detests the burqa only those away from Islamic atmosphere and following the western culture blindly are against it. But they do it for themselves only,   they don’t interfere with other Muslim women by stopping them from hijab.

      On the other hand when we consider the various benefits of hijab and burqa we come to know that it not only is in accordance with Islam it really protects the women. It acts as a cover for there whole body inclining others to respect them, showing that they are Muslim women who do not want to mix up with men unnecessarily.

      Every country has its own culture and every religion has its followers disregarding any particular religion. It’s a custom in India to wear sari but if someone does not feel like it they do not charge a fine for doing so because it is a secular state although they show extremism towards Muslims in different matters but even they have not reached the height to pass a law against burqa.

      If it is concerned with only the identification problem; will President Nicholas surkozy allow the Muslim women to wear abaya with long scarves revealing their faces? Can they not hire ladies to inspect whether there is a women in burqa or not for security places? These women can be told to pin up there identity cards to their burqas to make the checking easier. Many solutions can be sorted out but just going straight towards banning it does not inspire anyone.