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High School Musical High School Musical 2 High School Musical Sequel Hsm Hsm2 Hsm Sequel – Sequel

High School Musical, the movie that people all across the nation fell in love with. It was a heart-warming tale, a tale most of us could easily relate to. It came to us like a sudden bolt of electricity, unexpected. But made an indent on all of our hearts in one way or another. I remember when I first saw the commercial advertising the movie, I thought it looked interesting, but nothing that I would ever really enjoy watching. But that night that it premiered, I had nothing else to do, so decided to watch the show, just to see what it was like, and ended up wanting to watch it over and over. I watched it all three times that it played that weekend.

Then, word got out of a sequel. At first I was disappointed, for sequels usually ruined the original thrill you go from watching the first. Then as the days grew closer and closer to it’s premier, and the soundtrack came to stores, I couldn’t wait. I bought the soundtrack the very first day it came out, and fell in love with the songs. They were even better then the songs form the first movie. I played the CD over and over, memorizing the words to every song for the upcoming premier of High School Musical 2.

That Friday, was a day like no others. The phenomenon that had occured slightly a year previous, was now going to be continuing. The clock was ticking closer and closer to the hour of 7:00 pm. I was glued to my seat as I waited impatiently for the seconds to pass. I had been too excited to eat and my stomach was now growling furiously. I hushed it, not wanting nit to disturb the glorious movie that in seconds would be playing. I did not even pop any popcorn, for I had been afraid that the sound of the crunches as I at it, would distract me too much.

It started, the continuation of one of Disney’s best movies started. My eyes were glued to the screen the entire time in awe. I couldn’t get get up, not even if I wanted to, the intensity of finally watching a movie I had been waiting and waiting so very long for. It was even better then I expected, better then the first, better by far.

This movie really explored the growing relationship between Troy and Gabriella. It showed their ups and their downs, and their peak, their kiss. My heart melted into a puddle when I saw them kiss. It was the best scene in the movie.

If I had the choice between watching High School Musical and it’s sequel, I would probably choose the sequel. Wouldn’t you?