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Heroes Review just how Good is it

I think heroes is fantastic! The storylines are emense and they just get better and better, with twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your scene and leave you gagging for more. Each character has an individual newly found power and each episode takes a look at how each character copes and shows the dangers and ‘missions’ they have to deal with. Also milo ventimiglia makes each episode even more pleasureable mainly because he is so hot! I was exstatic when I heard there was a second series, I was absolutly delighted.

When it first graced our screens I thought it would be some stupid Spider Man super heroe stype thing that would be mind numbingly cheesy and over staged. How wrong I was, it is creepy and sinister yet exciting and action packed. Each episode garentees a spin tingling cliff hanger and it really does make you go ‘on no!’ at the end, when you hear the voice that says ‘next time on heroes’.

I always look forward to Heroes, every wednesday night I set the reminder on the t.v so that I don’t forget, not that ever could. My advice to all of you reading this, if you haven’t seen Heroes yet you have missed out on a hell of a lot of drama, go out buy the box sets and prepare yourself because you will be pleasently suprised.

I can almost guarentee you will be glued to your TV screens, pausing only for toilet breaks and to stick the kettle on. I’m not saying you HAVE TO but if I were you I would. Everybody is talking about it, ‘oh did you see Heroes the other night’ ‘oh I cant believe that she…’ it really has everyone talking, because there is something in it for everybody. It’s also one of those shows that has you thinking, because it is so unpredictable, just when you think you have figured it all out they go and throw another firey storyline in there and mix things up.

I don’t think I could describe an episode to you because there is so much happening. I must admit that some of the characters you don’t really care about and you think ‘ok whatever, next.’ I am talking about the Niki and Jessica situation. Niki is a young woman trying to look after her young boy, making money by filming herself striping on the Internet. Then suddenly she discovers she has a split personality that is trying to ruin her life. Jessica – her other self, traps her in a mirror and goes about stirring up trouble and performing gruesome murders. After the first few episodes with her I was like ‘ok just kill her already’. That is probably the only bad thing about it. I really hope that they make a third series because it would be a massive shame if they didn’t, because there is so much they could expand upon because they leave it on a cliffhanger.