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Help through Surrender

I recall how, throughout my child and teen years, my mom was always available to straighten out my messes.

Whether it was learning to tie my shoes or learning to sew, when I’d reach a point of exasperated failure and ask for her help, she would calmly fix things. Every time.
She was magnificent at untangling clumps of necklaces that had interacted in my jewelry box. She was fabulous at finding a missing contact lens just in time for me to make it to school. (One time, she found the lens stuck to the side of the toilet, of all places.) She was terrific at hurriedly sewing up a seam that I’d burst in the pants that I just had to wear that very day.

I so appreciated my mom’s loving efficiency.

Before she made her transition at age 93, Mom was still regularly helping me with projects. One year, I drew some cartoon booklets to give to various friends during the holidays. She dutifully colored in all the pictures with crayons, while admonishing me not to embark such a big project in the future.  

She was also good at pasting green stamps into books so they could be redeemed for prizes in the days when we received those stamps at the grocery and other stores. Ah, the wonderful suitcases, ottomans, and even end tables we used to get!

I never encountered anyone who was remotely interested in playing that helping sort of role until I met up with the teachings of Abraham-Hicks and learned that a benevolent Universe is ever available to assist me with everything. Since then, I’ve put the Uni to work on many occasions. 

If I’m feeling perplexed, frustrated, or overwhelmed, I lie on the bed or plop on the floor and allow my mind to go blank. I mean really blank – even blanker than usual. In this sort of inert state, I revisit that very same feeling I had when handing my mom a hopelessly tangled mass of jewelry. I was turning it over to her, knowing she’d work her magic. What a relief.

I’ve learned not to clench my teeth and try to push through a project when I’m feeling confused and in-over-my-head. Instead, I pause and hand it over to the cosmic powers-that-be, while I lie for up to 15 minutes doing, well, absolutely nothing.
After 15 minutes, I usually return to my project feeling refreshed and open to new insights that, inevitably, spring forth. If I’m not “feeling” it yet, I do something else until I can approach my project with a happier attitude than previously.

I’ve learned from Abe that nothing good comes from feeling bad. Conversely, when I’m feeling more relaxed and positive, the wonder-working powers of the Universe swing into action on my behalf.