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Hell Heaven Revelations Hades Jesus – Real

Hell is a real place with metaphors used to paint a descriptive picture of it. Unfortunately many believers see the metaphors as being an accurate description of Hell. In the bible belt, hell has been described as a place of hellfire and brimstone so long it widely believed to  be literally just that.   

Many of these misconceptions come from the words of Jesus Christ, the son of god, who warns that sinners will “burn forever in the fire prepared by Satan and his angels”. The book of Revelations also mentions fire, but refers to it coming down from heaven. “And they went up on the breath of the Earth, and compassed the camp of the saints about, and the beloved city: and fire came down from god out of heaven and devoured them.” It is suggested that this refers to a literal event and is not symbolic. There is no proof to back this assumption, and it is not a valid source for those arguing hell as being a lateral place of fire for sinners. It is important to remember that Jesus spoke in parables. Much of the book of revelation is a symbolic prophetic dream granted to John by an angel. 

We may never know exactly what or where Hell is, as the Bibles’ views on Hell are contradictory. The Bible was written mostly by scribes describing different stories, sermons, and accounts of events. The Bible it’s self has been edited and translated many times. To say that some things weren’t lost in translation would be naive.

What we know for sure is that Hell is referred to in the Old Testament 31 times as the word “Sheol”. Sheol is a Hebrew word meaning “grave”. In the New Testament, it is referred to 10 times as “Hades”, 12 times as “Gehenna” and 1 time as “Tartarus”. All of these were written in Greek.  “Hades”, like “Sheol” means “the grave” . “Tartarus” refers to the place where Satan and his demons live in the present. It is described as a dark place. “Gehenna” is used in reference to the fire associated with the legend of hell and alludes to it being a future event. It is suggested that Gehenna occurs at the end of time. 

Carefully read, the book of Revelations tells us about hell, who will go there, and when. In the end times people will die and lay dormant in their graves. The only people in heaven already are those who died in the name of god,and for his cause. The living are doomed to trial and tribulations taking place on Earth. These events fall into place after the anti Christ movement. Then the world will endure fire falling from the sky.

 In Christianity only two things can be certain. Those who rise from the grave will endure forever with God. Those who do not are doomed to the ever mysterious Hell.