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Heaven Kingdom Good Jesus Christ Son Cross Church Synagogue Witnessing – Yes

Yes, you can get to Heaven by being good, yet, this is only a small part of what it takes to get to Heaven. There are many steps that we have to take and God has to see that we are doing our part to reach His Kingdom. It is like a two way street, we do our part and God will do His to help us get there.

Heaven is a place that we have to strive for. We have to work on becoming a people without sin. This is certainly not easy and God knows that we struggle with this everyday. He sent us Jesus Christ, his Son, to take the burdens of all earthly sin from us. He did this by sending Jesus to the Cross. No one else went so willingly as did Jesus Christ. This is said in this fashion because from the beginning Jesus knew what His fate was going to be and He did not stop it. Remember this, Jesus was the only perfect man that ever walked the face of the earth. It was meant to be this way.

One step to take along with being good is to accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior. By doing this, you have accepted Him to receive your burdens and your sins and your old body dies off and you are given a new one. What you do with the new body as a new believer is up to you. With daily prayer, asking for forgiveness when you feel you have done something wrong is a good start. This makes you good in God’s eyes and you are certainly on your way to Heaven when it is your time.

Going to church or synagogue or to your personal house of prayer is important. Is this the only way to get to Heaven? Well, this is a debated issue as many will tell you that wherever you pray, wherever you believe God is, which He is everywhere, then you are accepted as long as you keep sin out of your life. Going to church and being active is part of being good, but remember that it is just one step in the overall picture.

Witnessing to others about God and the Gospel is also a great step of getting to Heaven. Can you be bad, yet spread the Good News of the Gospel effectively? Probably not, but spreading the Good News of the Gospel can surely make you good. This can help you get to Heaven as well.

Being good is part of the overall picture to help you get to Heaven. Believing that Jesus is your personal Lord and Savior as well is also a part of the picture. We are God’s children and He could only hope that we are perfect. Yet, He also knows that we are not perfect. He will guide us to His Heavenly kingdom as long as we do our part and keep Him in our hearts and our minds and spread the good news about Him.