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Healing with Energy

Eckhart Tolle wrote in his book, Stillness Speaks, that if anything he said resonated within you, it wasn’t what he said, it was spirit recognizing spirit. I have seen no better explanation of how energy heals. The energy brought to you, your spirit recognizes, and receives, without the judgment, preconceived notions and beliefs that you have consciously, but with the perfect perception of spirit to spirit.

There is an infinite source of power and intelligence in the universe that is beyond our comprehension. As an example of our inability to comprehend, consider our ability to solve a simple math problem… the square root of pi. We profess to be wise, we profess to know our world and our universe, we consider things unproven by the scientific community to be pure fantasy. But not because we can prove or disprove, because we cannot comprehend… even something as simple as math. (I believe the proper algebraic term for our inability to solve this problem is “no rational coefficients”.)

As time goes by and technology improves and miracles become more and more prevalent, we are faced with these facts;

Fact #1 – There is an infinite source.

Fact #2 – We cannot comprehend the word infinite.

Albert Einstein said there are two schools of thought. One says that “nothing” is a miracle, and the other states that “everything” is a miracle. Healing with this energy is a miracle. But no more miraculous than breathing.

It is not my intention to fight the battle of proof. I can only share what I “know”. I am very fortunate to have had solid manifestations of proof which came over a long period of time and acted as a buffer in which my beliefs could gradually accept what was happening. What happened, and what is happening, is a miracle.

Infinite energy knows what it’s doing. It understands you and your body on a molecular level. It comes when you call and acts upon your intent.

Jesus said, “Know ye not that the hairs on your head are numbered?” What better way to relay to an uneducated people, two thousand years ago, that there is a source so familiar and intelligent, that it knows you on a molecular level? The hairs on your head are numbered. Feel the reality of that statement. Imagine that it is true. Imagine a source that has such intimate, detailed, advanced knowledge of you. How is this possible? It is possible by the same reality that brings your next breath. It is Divine instinct. It is the Divine energy that flies along with and directs the geese on their way south in the fall. It is the Divine perfect energy that urges the mother giraffe to knock her new born baby down over and over until it is capable of getting up quickly and fending for itself in the wild. And it is the same Divine energy that holds the earth in orbit around the sun, and the moon in orbit around the earth. We can’t understand it any more than we can understand the location of the edge of the universe, but it does exist.

There is a power in understanding and accepting the above paragraph, but you don’t have to believe. The Divinity in this energy recognizes the Divinity in you even if you don’t. You receive what you’re capable of receiving. It’s kind of like that song, “you don’t always get what you want, but you get what you need”. Your ego may be carrying around ideas and thoughts and beliefs about what it thinks you want, but your deeper self knows what it wants and needs to move forward with it’s infinite learning and growing process. This is the beautiful irony in healing with energy. You may be instantly healed when you didn’t expect it or you may receive a completely surprising version of healing your conscious mind had never considered.

One amazing part of healing with energy is the surprising perspective that arises in and around your openness to receive. Some healings are euphoric experiences and some bring out deep beliefs that have been hidden from your conscious mind and can be quite disturbing to recognize. Incredibly healing… but painful. Recognize though, that if this is your healing, the deeper and higher part of you that allowed this belief to be brought to the surface, did so for your higher growth, and is not throwing you something you are incapable of handling.

How to heal yourself;

Get comfortable and find a time when you won’t be disturbed in any way for at least thirty minutes;

Accept an infinite higher power. Know that the infinite comes at your request, which has removed it’s only limitation free will. A block you have just removed by calling for it’s presence.

Ask healing energy to come into your body. Leave it at that. Don’t direct or push or pull, just feel and wait and watch what happens.

Trust, allow and surrender. Three of the most powerful words on earth. Feel the energy and essence of these words. Focus on the energy of these words. These words give ultimate permission to the Divine healing energy which you just called to you.

Release. Release your attachment to any perceived outcome. Release anything which comes up that feels heavy or harsh.

Watch with attention, detachment and nonjudgmental. Watch every thought and every emotion. Don’t wonder why you just thought that, or why you felt a certain way, just let thoughts and feelings come and go. Don’t judge them as good or bad.

Let the energy build and move and ultimately lesson and dissipate. Don’t put a time limit on the process. It may take ten minutes or it may take an hour and a half.

Allow yourself time to relax and reflect when you’re done and repeat the process as often as necessary. With intention and practice, you have the ability to heal yourself.