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Healing via Crystals using a Crystal Ball to Heal known Methods of Healing how to Heal

The Crystal Ball in healing

The truth as to the use of a crystal ball in healing is that they do indeed work. That is if you can find someone that has the ability to use one. The truth is though there are no such individuals in the whole of the world. Such a deep hard and lengthy searches and then the dissemination of the findings to achieve the impossible, find the true and legitimate astrological occultist or mystic with the power that is what such an institution or utilization entails. All right now just admit it, what you’re after falls into the realm of magic and to make it work you would need a sorcerer or mystic or the option of getting the power and wielding it yourself.

This has in effect been around for thousands of years and the problem is the crystal is only a talisman and doing what it is told by a truly adept individual of the occult Ilk or genera’. I’m sorry but that is what it is a talisman’ and that is fact, deal with it! Then and only then do they work but the good part is then you can indeed heal as well as do other things also. The problem is that you are overlooking one fundamental underling principal that being – Things_don’t_do_things! Is the law dictating the need of an individual with the power or ability the object, be it a crystal or crystal ball? That power or ability is based upon the fact that powers do exist.

But the truth is most of those powers depend upon the will’, something that has been acknowledged by science tho that knowledge has been lost having both came and went with the utterly vast revelations of the mainframe computer age. That and endless more technical scientific details of the world discovered as the computers were turned upon it. The little blue ball of our planet fell and it was reduced to just one small planet in a vast universe. And yet so much found and purveyed but not by the affluent world of established society. All lost to the thing purveyed now as only as the database’. Thus crystal balls and crystals become in truth only the necessary instruments for the harnessing of that called the will’ inherent in us all in their many different manifestations. Unfortunately most being in the realm of Religion’ and Religiousness’ and most requiring no physical manifestations as a prerequisite proceed to do just that and suborn cults and ignorance, and ineptitude.

The Crystal Ball’ or Cristobal has been around for so long that it can be made to work with only an open mind and the knowledge of how it is used. This becomes certain details such as knowing the fact that the human will is also a fact and the Crystal Ball’ is {without the power of magic} still just an instrument for harnessing that force and the powers that lay within. What I’m leading up to is the fact the will’ is there in us all, but omnipotent and veritably useless. Here is where the crystal ball enters; it is an object and therefore of the forth-dimension as of the familiar modern revelation of the need for this basic force or power in all things of the modern world and now let that include the will’. If you can understand that there is a way for you to enter literal inversion to the point of having found that you had entered the orb and thus once having done so it no longer is the power of concentration but simple art of manipulation of that will prevail. Basically once inside the orb you will find no longer have the problem of his/her – [your] will’ being omnipotent. Now let’s get down to it’s use for otherwise he/she is like a bull in a China shop’, quite useless or even dangerous. Now you can understand why they can get away with forbidding the very knowledge for so long and they still intend to.

This is how gypsies have used Crystal Balls’ for almost a thousand years. You see the will’ as a physical force must be understood to be a Doppler’ and the process of measuring the power in a Doppler’ dictates the equation of and in the order of the number 1600 . Thus is the explanation that you get the levitation formula : 100 – 200 – 400 – 1600 ; and the number 1600 having been long accepted as the scientific revelation of the existence of Power’. And that power to only be harnessed as well as to be of and in the order of thermonuclear’, a true force to be reckoned with and or better too much to even think about as a norm. Now this is once again even without magic’. Obviously you can have the ability to do your healing since power once has only to be used that not magic’ but magical’, but accept the fact that in truth it wouldn’t hurt to first learn one of the known formulae for healing, first! This would give some badly needed proficiency. Yes I know I’m saying it again you need an artist so get up to it not down to it; get it?

These formulae come from the quantifying or reducing of known legitimate phenomena to their analytical mathematical formula’s . These are the many methods of healing done all over the world and even including all past methods that were found to be scientifically legitimate when put through the computer. This project absorbed taking in the arts of religions and mystics, cults and con artist literally every one that could pass the test. And with this you must accept that Science’ has long known that there were methods of purely physical means of healing. All that is missing is the healing machine, but that is another story.

One of these methods can be as simple as accepting that you had the power to go ahead and take up the individual into and unto yourself or power via simply using a numbers strategy of one – two – three or simple more than once mathematically{ three – thirteen – thirty-third synopsis }, this translates as Possession’, and indeed is exactly that. But once this is done you can just strike-down the sickness or liability. Now just lower the individual back down totally healed. That’s right, strike them up – strike it’ down – then lower them back down healed. Outrageous! But true!

And there are others too. Like the one called the Behemoth Syndrome’. This one has you know the number 400 or better known as Super-sonic-speed’ and a physical force and even better as the mathematical equation of the forth-dimension. When you invert upon the hypothesis of the three – thirteen synopsis you get: 400 – 400 – 400 . This you see will give the body the ability to attain the missing forth-dimension it needs to be a fully functioning mechanism in it’s own right. Now that the body is a functioning machine command it to deal with it’. This is done by setting it cruising and targeting the sickness, by levitating the body and seeing to it that it does exactly that A.K.A. setting up a targeting synopsis and hit the target three-thirteen times. Suddenly the body being a living thing finds it has the power to devour’ the liability whatever it is, literally! You on the other hand must guarantee on your part the using of your power to incur the equation of square or pat’ in your goal. The result should be impressive.

I’ll give you one more of these methods! Just use your newly found will’ and the numbers of the astrology. Basically the formula of astrological manipulation requires only that you incur the twelfth-hour and the fourth-year and then the thirty-thousandth year plus whatever other mathematical equations you desire like 400 or one billion. What you’ll find is that you have the ability via control of space and time and as such reduce the length of time of the healing process to simply instantaneous. Just do exactly that let the process begin and go on through the necessary motions and as such let both to have come and gone before you are over and yet again that is exactly what you will get to happen. Time and space taken under control and manipulation. Good!