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He who has an Ear let him Hear

I’ve seen a Great Story unfold in the Bible. It is chock-full of hidden things, strange and amazing things. And when I saw some of those things, I sat speechless because of the strangeness of them. I’ve read about many bizarre things with which some men concern themselves: The Bermuda Triangle, ancient astronauts, the Great Pyramid of Egypt, mysteries of Central American civilizations, UFOs, the lost continent of Atlantis, psychic phenomena, and even some of the theories of Carl Sagan which he tends to forget are theories. None of these strange imaginations come close to being as strange as the story that lies hidden within the pages of the Bible, concealed from the eyes of the profane and unclean.

God has worked a work, a strange work, and published it throughout the whole world. He has told us of His work through the words of the Bible. Though it is read and studied by many, they neither see nor hear nor believe His amazing story. His story cannot be found by form criticism, but only by those whose ears have been unstopped and their eyes opened by the Spirit of Truth. Once I would not have a Bible in my home, but now I find it is the greatest treasure that’s in the world. It is the uncorrupted Word of God recorded in the world of matter, despite what Biblical scholars may say about its text. But the Bible itself is only the flesh of the Word for the Blood has long ago been shed. When the Bible is read, the Bread is eaten without the Wine and the Word is digested without the Spirit.

The truth about the Kingdom of God can only be discovered within ourselves. The Spirit of Truth has opened the Scriptures to me. The Lamb of God has broken the seals of that book for me. As I read and digest the words of that book, long forgotten memories are brought to the front of my mind. Things are told me in the night as I sleep, and some are told to me when I’m awake. The Spirit of Truth is teaching me all things, and bringing to remembrance the things my Father had once taught me. The Spirit of Truth has testified to me of the Father. And I, myself, am also a witness, for my own memories have revealed to me that I have been with Him from the beginning. O Little Seed, you never guessed that a seed so small and frail, so dry and brittle could have contained all along the Treasures that lay hidden within yourself, lying dormant, unknown and unseen by the naked eye.

I’ve learned not to try to understand anything using my own intellect because nothing can be understood that way. I simply wait for it to be given to me. I’ve become as a little child, and as a little child, I do not know enough to know what I need. But my Father knows what I need, and I trust Him to give me what I need when I need it. Without Him, I know nothing and am as helpless as a newborn babe. He knows I trust Him to guide me and to lead me while I’m growing up. Because I do trust Him, He will not let me down; He will not fail me. He will give me everything I need, but not necessarily all that I want.

I once considered myself an “intellectual.” I put the intellect above everything else. Everything our most learned men told me I accepted as “gospel.” I accepted the opinions of the experts because that was their field. I knew they had spent a great deal of time and effort learning the things of their specialties, especially the ones considered to be geniuses in their lines of work. I eagerly absorbed all the information I could glean from them. All my trust was in them because I knew they were capable of great accomplishments.

Why, just look at what an accomplishment it was when they put men on the moon! So I thought that nothing is impossible to man. Whatever man imagines doing, he will find a way to do it. Whatever obstacle gets in his way, he will simply push it aside or jump over it. So I knew whatever problems man confronts, his men of intellect would find solutions to them. I figured also, if we would all work together, we could solve other problems such as poverty, crime, and war.

My attitude began to change when I noticed experts later refuted many of the opinions of earlier experts. One day they would show conclusive evidence that would prove a certain theory, and on another day, another expert would show conclusive evidence that would disprove the same theory. They cannot agree one with another. I also began to notice there are more educated people in the world today than ever before, yet our problems seem to increase rather than decrease. As the world increases its education and progress, man’s fears and problems increase right along with them.

I noticed also civilized man is not happy. He has many conveniences and luxuries. He has large houses with the climate controlled inside for his comfort. He has nice furnishings and all kinds of work-saving appliances. He has many possessions for his recreation and entertainment. He has vehicles that will take him speedily from one spot to another (though he won’t always have gasoline for them). Possessing all these things, he is not happy. He does not have contentment, and certainly not peace of mind! He spends all his time working to acquire these possessions. But he can never enjoy them because he’s too busy worrying about how he’s going to pay for them and how to acquire more of them, and that someone may steal them from him. Some in the world promise peace for the world. Man tries by his own efforts to achieve it. Thus enemies sit together at the peace table, but none can deliver. Some urge you to hope for peace in the world. Their promises are nothing but wind; balloons full of air ready to burst. There is no peace for the world; for there is no peace for the wicked. He who has an ear, let him hear.

Man is anxious about his politics, his governments, hoping he can choose the right leaders to set things straight, but there is no one who can do it. We pay taxes to law-enforcement agencies to protect us from crime. We have courts, judges, juries, and prisons to help contain the criminal element. Banks and department stores hire security officers and install many kinds of security devices. People are afraid to work in an all-night convenience store or sleep in their own beds behind locked doors. Despite all these efforts, crime has become more rampant, and will continue to do so. Evil is increasing in the world, and the good in it is decreasing rapidly. No matter which politicians the people choose for their leaders, holes in their purses become larger and larger. The toil, trouble, and sorrow, which have always been the rule of the world, are increasing, and will continue at an ever-increasing rate.

How blind are the blind! How deaf are the deaf! They stumble along dark pathways and find nothing but errors. Fools they are that search for the historical Jesus, and overlook the true Jesus. Fools they are that dig in the ground and search for evidence of Him, but do not bother to dig in the place where the evidence is. Fools they are that look with awe upon the Shroud of Turin, and neglect to look upon the True Shroud! The whole earth is full of fools and foolishness, and the work of fools that profit no one. He who has an ear, let him hear.

I am so confounded! Now that I can see, I can’t understand why I could not see before. The Truth is so obvious; it shouts out and jumps at my face. It has paraded up and down before my eyes always. It has beckoned to me and said, “Here I am! Here I am! Look at me!” I looked right through it as if it was not there. It is the marvelous and wonderful work of God; the invisible work of God that’s not invisible. Not only is His truth in the Scriptures, but it is also in the world, all around us, staring us in the face. We look upon it every day, we think upon it every day, yet no one sees it and no one hears it. We have all been blind and ignorant, seeing nothing, and knowing nothing. He who has an ear, let him hear.

There are many faith healers throughout the world who hold large, extravagant meetings that draw many people from miles around who are afflicted with physical ailments of all kinds. These people go to these meetings with the hope that God will heal them of their physical infirmities because they love the flesh and hope to remain in it as long as possible. Because they do love the flesh, many of them are given the delusion that God has taken pity upon them and healed them.

People who believe in faith healing are the ones who would ask me, if I should come down with a physical sickness, “If you are so sure of having the help of God, then why don’t you ask Him to heal you?” I would answer them saying, “Why should I bother my God with such a trivial matter as that when He’s already healed me of a terminal disease which was the cause of much anguish and sorrow, and the pain of that disease, the pain of it was unbearable! He’s healed me also of my blindness and my deafness. He has healed me of my lameness so that I can now walk with surefootedness along the Path that He had long ago prepared for me. Would I now be so ungrateful as to ask Him to also heal me of something as insignificant as a physical illness?” I would not. I would give tribute where tribute is due. For the things of the world, I would give tribute to the world. For a physical ailment, I would go to a medical doctor or take a home remedy, whichever seems to me to fit the occasion. But for the things of the spirit, I will give tribute where it is due, and that is to my God and to Him only.

Many people have read the story in the Bible of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead. [John 11:1-44] And they read the verse where it says, “Jesus wept.” They can certainly sympathize with Jesus weeping for His friend, Lazarus, because he was dead. They picture in their minds the many times they’ve wept at the funerals of their loved ones, and so they certainly understand why Jesus wept. Do you really think that Jesus would have shed even one tear simply because His beloved friend had left this world of toil, trouble, and sorrow, a world where every crumb of bread Lazarus had ever put into his mouth had been received from the sweat of his own brow? Do you really think that Jesus would have brought his beloved friend back into a world such as this world is? Those who can hear will hear.

The Scriptures state that Jesus went throughout all Judea and all Galilee proclaiming the good news of the Kingdom to the poor and doing many miracles and wonders such as healing the blind and the deaf, cleansing lepers, healing the crippled, casting out devils from the minds of the people, and even raising the dead to life. And yet, the Scriptures also state that Jesus told the people that no sign would be given to that generation, except the sign of the prophet Jonah. [Matthew 12:39] Also both the Old and New Testaments, speaking about the Christ, say this about Him: “He shall not strive, nor cry; neither shall any man hear his voice in the streets.” [Isaiah 42:2; Matthew 12:19] Those who know Wisdom will understand this.

I am now a doormat. I have not always been a doormat. I was once very adamant about not letting anyone step on me or walk all over me. I had very strong ideas about standing up for my rights, and I was not going to let anyone take any of my rights from me; I would fight them before I would let them do that! Many times I struck back in anger when I had been struck. Whenever the poisonous barbs from the tongue of another pierced me, my tongue would return those barbs to him, adding more to them. But I am now a doormat, and very happy to be a doormat. I am a doormat, as Moses was, as Jesus was, the meekest person in the whole earth. I will let others walk upon me; I will not strike back, for I know, if I should strike back, I would be striking my own self. I would again become entangled in the spokes of that vicious wheel, the wheel that would turn until it had returned me to receive that which I had given to another.

In the gospels, Jesus is spoken of as an individual man. They further state that Jesus is the Christ and speak of Christ as being an individual man. The New Testament letters state that each member of the church is a part of the body of Christ. Is Christ then an individual man or many individuals? He who has an ear, let him hear.