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Have Christians as a whole Left behind the Teachings of Christ – No

Following Christ is what Christianity is all about. Jesus said. “Take up thy cross and follow me.” We are to live as Jesus lived. He came to earth to be an example for all mankind who knew Him. Yes, He was sent to be a sacrifice for the sin’s of the whole world, and in the end, that is exactly what He did.

He was born as a babe in a manger. He was born to go through every thing that human man would ever go through. He was tempted by satan, He was tested by all who doubted Him. He walked among men and lived with them. He saw their hardships. He saw their sicknesses. He healed some. He raised some from the dead. He made fishers of men by teaching them faith enough to believe in what He said. Their boats were filled with fishes, and their abundance overwhelming to all of them.

He changed the lives of so many who accepted Him for who He really was. Mary Magdelene was a woman of ill repute, and was scorned by all who knew her. She was drawn to Jesus in a supernatural love, and gave her heart to Him. She washed His feet with her tears, and dried them with her hair. She changed her sinful ways and followed Jesus from that day on.

People were drawn to Him, and yet, some feared Him. Not understanding where He really came from, and why. All He wanted to do was to deliver the message from God about the salvation of man.

He taught them God’s Holy word so that they would see the ways in which they should live their lives. And yet He was doubted, even after people saw the miracles He performed right in front of them. He taught with love and compassion. His words were true, although some didn’t always understand Him. Jesus spoke a lot in parables. If people would only have listened, they would have known what He was talking about. The small children understood the stories He told. That’s why they call it child like faith.

But still He lived as man, but without sin for thirty three years. He was disappointed by men. He was angry when He went to the Temple and found out that it had been turned into a den of thieves. He lashed out in anger, though He sinned not. It says in scripture to be angry and sin not. Don’t let the sun go down on your wrath.

He claimed to be the Son of God, and this frightened the people. He forgave sin’s and this angered people. How could He say that He was the Son of God when He was born of a woman and a lowly carpenter? They just couldn’t fathom this mortal man being anything but human. And yet, He did all these things in God’s name.

The Christian teachings will never change. Scripture tells us; “Jesus Christ: the same yesterday, today and forever.” Nothing has changed as far as the teachings of Christ. People living in a secular world, seem to be changing more. But God’s word still stands. The Commandments are still God’s law. Jesus death is still the reason that all men have the gift of eternal life. It’s up to the individual as to whether he/she chooses to surrender their life to Jesus.