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Has TLC Helped the Gosselin Family – Helped

Anytime there are multiple children there is almost always a financial burden. Not that the children become a burden but the financial situation becomes a burden. Without the help of TLC and generous offers from viewers and entities such as the Crayola Factory, Disney World, the Crooked House,and the Peabody Hotel in Tennessee, (to name a few) it would have been impossible for the Gosselins to give their children a normal life. The government may have assisted with some financial support such as diaper services and formula but that would not have been enough to be able to help a family of ten survive. The nannies and babysitters are needed to assist Jon and Kate on a daily basis. They are not only a help but a necessity. Kate would have had to stay home for at least the first year of the twins and the sextuplets lives and without TLC that would have been impossible.

The income from TLC gave the Gosselins the ability to move when they were out growing their homes and get vehicles to transport the family in. They were able to give back to St. Jude, which would have been an impossible task without the funds from TLC. Kate made a statement in one of the episodes that without TLC that donation to St. Jude would have been impossible. The idea of TLC in the beginning was and still is to document the children’s lives as they grew. Somehow that idea got lost in the shuffle but I didn’t see it affecting the kids. The kids seems to love the cameras and the camera crews. They love talking into the cameras and communicating with the crew. They have met and made lots of friends because of TLC.

Documenting the lives of people can only hurt the family if there are underlying problems already there. The Gosselins’ children are well adjusted, well rounded, very happy children who has had some great experiences, some of which the average family may not have, and it’s all because of TLC. Without the camera I feel the children would be lost. The cameras and the camera crews have been apart of the children’s lives for much of their lives and to take that away from them would be horrific. It’s a sense of stability of what they are use to. The camera crew have become apart of the Gosselin children extended family.