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Harry Potter a look at the best Characters in the Movies

J.K. Rowling is masterfully clever at creating original and heartfelt characters. Her characters are one of the main reasons that the Harry Potter series has become such a cultural phenomenon. After the release of the books, the announcement of a movie series brought up the question, “How will the characters be represented?” In many ways, the transformation of characters from the book to the movie didn’t change the characters excessively. For the most part, the characters in the movie represent the characters in the book superbly. Each character boasts unique personality, skills, and interests. From heroic Harry Potter to the clever Hermione Granger to the friendship in Ron Weasley to the clumsy Neville Longbottom. Every character, whether they are a sly member of Slytherin, a courageous member of Gryffindor, or one of the many teachers, make you want to get to know that character more.

The main character in the movies, Harry Potter, is one of the most courageous and lovable characters in the series. In the first book, you first view Harry as a simple orphan, living with his Aunt and Uncle. However, you soon learn that Harry is much, much more. He begins to receive countless letters from a school named Hogwarts. He also learns that he is a wizard. Not only that, he discovers that there is a secret world of magic that has been in hiding from the rest of the world. In each movie, there is usually a trial that Harry will need to overcome. Also, in each movie, you begin to know more about Harry. You soon learn that almost every Wizard knows about him. His parents were famous wizards, and how they died remains a mystery. Harry also begins to learn that his wizard powers are unique and seem to be far greater than any other wizard of his age. It is very interesting to watch Harry Potter grow throughout the movies.

Ron Weasley is one of Harry Potter’s best friends at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Born into a large family of wizards, Ron lives in a somewhat poor lifestyle. Although Ron isn’t the best with a wand or a textbook, he wields an undying level of friendship and dedication to his friends and becoming a wizard. His twin brothers, Fred and George, are two troublemakers in the school. They have a reputation of causing mischief. Ron also has a sister, Ginny, who also goes to Hogwarts. The Weasley family is very kindred and make the movies much more interesting.

Hermione Granger is also one of Harry Potter’s best friends at Hogwarts. She boasts the reputation of being one of the most clever students at the school. She excells in her studies and frequently gets on Ron’s nerve. In each movie, she plays a large role in either cracking a mystery, solving a puzzle, or overcoming an obstacle. Although she appears stuck-up on the outside, she is strong and heartfelt in the inside. She is an inspiration to many female Harry Potter fans and is one of the prime characters in the movie.

In all, the characters in the Harry Potter series are one of the prime reasons that it is such a hit. Although there are many other characters other than the ones covered, the main characters are Harry, Ron, and Hermione. The professors are also interesting to get to know. Albus Dumbledore, the headmaster at the school, is one of the most powerful wizards, and brings a level of safety to the dark and chaotic wizardry world. Professor Snape is one of the most mysterious and dark professors in the school. He seems to have a loathing toward Harry Potter, and there are rumors that he is working for the most powerful dark wizard, Voldemort. Draco Malfoy is Harry Potter’s bully and enemy. They are constantly competing with each other and there are rumors that Draco’s family is on Voldemort’s side. Throughout the movies, you begin to learn more about each character, and your appreciation for them grows. Overall, the characters in Harry Potter are lovable, heartfelt, mysterious, and one of the main reasons that the series is such a hit.