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Grieving and Closure with a Loved one

Life can bring such penetrating lessons when it comes to the process of grieving and closure with a loved one. It is hard enough to stay in the present moment and enjoy our loved ones on a daily basis. I have worked many years as a Spiritual Medium and Clairvoyant, which means I communicate with deceased loved ones, spirit guides, and angels. My purpose in life is to help others heal the pain and grief of someone who has crossed over to the “other side.” Most of the time, others never had the opportunity to say “Good Bye” to their loved ones whether they lived miles away or the person who crossed over had a tragic accident.

It is very hard sometimes to do the work as a Spiritual Medium because I am able to feel their emotions and thoughts, as well as seeing them next to their loved ones. I have had my spiritual gifts since I was five years old. I also feel the touches of deceased loved ones, spirit guides, and angels. My work has helped many people find inner peace and comfort from a private session to a live group of people across the United States. It took me many years to understand my gifts and fine tune my gifts through my spiritual teachers and mentors. I love and appreciate doing my spiritual work because I have helped so many people heal their grief and find closure with the person they loved so very deeply in their lives. It is a rewarding career to help others finally hear what their loved ones healing words are and what they have to say to comfort the ones who miss them dearly or never had a chance to say actually say “Good Bye.”

Now let’s try to understand the process of grieving and closure with the loss of a loved one. First comes the denial, we don’t realize what has actually happened to our loved one and all we feel at the moment is the sensation of feeling numb. From the moment our loved ones leave us here, we don’t realize what has actually happened to them until we process the fact that they are no longer with us. Two weeks go by; we begin to feel the anger of what took place in our hearts because we long for their mental, emotional, and physical comfort daily in our lives. We start to realize that they are no longer with us as they chose to be in our lives. We then begin our own spiritual journey into our precious heart where the grief brings up so many emotions and thoughts of the last time we held them, or spoke to them before their journey began to cross over to the “Other Side.” There is so much to process when we lose a loved one that we don’t know what to feel, say or do with the events that occurred the moment they have left us. We start to internalize inside our hearts, then process all the questions that start the grieving and closure process of our loved ones journey themselves. Then we begin to ask the questions in our mind “Are they ok?” Did they feel any pain before they crossed over in their last minutes of life?” Did anyone from the “other side” greet them when the crossed over? Do they actually know how I feel and what is happening to me in my daily life? Are they happy and content on the “other side?” Do they see me and how will I know when they are around me?

I have found that the more time we keep feeling our hearts and keep asking the same questions about our loved ones. We can connect with them and feel their presence and signs that they are with us every day we live. We learn to develop our own spiritual gifts by tuning into hearing their voice or their thoughts within our own mind and our precious little heart. We all have our own special talent and gift as humans but some of us aren’t ready to connect with those gifts until the experience of life makes us learn that we are special in many ways as our loved ones are in our daily lives. The loss of someone special in our lives makes us find out who we really are and what we are about. Time is endless on the “other side.” Our loved ones who have crossed over to the “other side” are constantly with us as we still learn our own valuable lessons about unconditional love. They have not left us for one minute and will always be with us as long as we feel our hearts allow them into our lives once again. We are never alone as their mind and their hearts still live on forever. We can actually feel their presence, guidance, and love in our own hearts, until it time for us to journey to the “other side” with them. I have learned about myself through my own spiritual gifts that life is so precious and the unconditional love stays with us eternally through our own divine hearts forever.