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Great Inspirations

Define inspiration.

*intensify or heighten
*prompt, serve, an inciting cause
*cheer or spur on

Two people gaze at a beautiful sunset. One man, an atheist, says “Look at that perfect sunset, I think I will paint a picture.” The other, who has a belief, is a higher power replies “God has given us an exceptional sunset, I think I shall write a poem.” Inspirations transcend difference in belief systems.

1. Relationships

Relationships with others inspire us. These relationships come in all forms. Your parents, children, partner, and extended family members can be a big inspiration. It’s not limited to people we are related to. Your co-workers, neighbors and friends can be all is added to the list. What about strangers? Absolutely. I witnessed a child stomping through a mud puddle and was inspired to enjoy the pleasure of childhood and stomped through the next puddle. Many find their relationships with animals to be very inspiring and fulfilling. It’s all about sharing and caring.

2. Music

It comes in all genres and for inspiration to each his own. It may be that a little bit of rock and roll can help you clean the house. Perhaps classical music soothes your soul. Maybe country music flips your switch.

3. New Life

It doesn’t seem to matter if it’s a new child, a litter of puppies or a new foal in the field, new life gives new hope and inspires people to live. Spring is an obvious example of inspiration for those lucky enough to see a vivid change from winter.

4. Health

A brisk walk in the morning or a great weight lifting session can bring the same results; A release of endorphins that get your mind and body ready to face life head on and do new things. Eating healthy allows you to feel great and accomplish much more.

5. Education

Learning should never stop. How can you expect to have a full life if you don’t learn new things? It’s inspiring to learn about and try new activities. It’s healthy to flex your mind and challenge old ideas.

6. Freedom

This may be the ultimate inspiration. The freedom to know your way is the right way for you. I can see the world the way I choose. I have personal freedoms to behave and do the things I wish.

7. Heroes

Having heroes is different than having relationships. Many of your heroes may be people you have never met. It may be someone you heard about on the news, someone you read about, or some stranger that you had a brief encounter with. There are all sorts of heroes that can inspire us.

8. Art

It may be a sculpture, an awesome painting, or a picture drawn by a child. All mediums of art have a place in our world. Inspiration comes from different types to different people.

9. Nature

It’s hard to see a sandy beach and vast ocean and not feel something. Standing on the top of a high mountain can be breath taking. Listening to the river as it travels over the rocks has inspired novels and songs.

10. Literature

Read. You will understand

Some may think that I have missed the point entirely. What inspires atheists? Atheists are just people with a belief system. The atheists I know are inspired like by the same things I am and I am inspired by relationships with them. Learn tolerance.