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Going to Church is it Mandatory

Church is a place for people to share their beliefs in a certain religion, learn the words of that particular God, and practice what they believe in a mixed society of beliefs. In order to believe that there is something higher than yourself, it is not mandatory that you attend church. For that matter, it is not even mandatory to believe there is something higher than yourself.

There are so many different beliefs and religions in this world, and even in each religion, different denominations believe in slightly different views. In my opinion, if their is so much controversy and argument about who is right or wrong in religion it begins to not make any sense. Religion on the surface seems to be of a kind nature where everyone indicates a goal of peace and happiness. Looking deeper into religion though you discover that horrific battles have been fought for it, and millions of people have died for it. When looking at religion in this view, it all of a sudden doesn’t seem so glamorous anymore.

Each person develops differently and uses their own judgment to establish what is right and wrong. I suppose going to a weekly meeting and hearing the reinforcement of your beliefs of right and wrong could be useful in remembering what it takes to be a good person, but for that matter you could also go see a shrink and get the same effect.

I think that religion is a very important subject to learn because it dates back in history and does have a major significance in this world. Many people have died in the honor of their belief. In saying this, you should know that when I am talking about learning religion, I am talking about learning all of the religions. What most religious people can’t open their mind to is that their faith is not the only faith that has significance in this world.

There is another type of religion that has a dark faith. These religions are not as populated as the light religions or religions of good faith, but they are never the less still a religion that has running churches. These type of churches also have a history in our early existence. In learning religion, both light and dark religions should be researched based on the aspect of religion which is good and evil.

In summary going to church is not mandatory, and practicing a belief is not essential. However if you want to learn more about the world that you live in and feel closer to the truth, learning religious material is a great resource.