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Gods Words 2012 Australian Summer maybe 2001 2012 Mayans cannot see Passed this Year – No

Whether or not we should actually judge those in the hierarchy who represent any Church is really an individual choice we are free to make. However, I believe we are not free to make our own judgements that may be in opposition to the Law Of God. Reference to homosexual society is written in almost every Bible in the world that states clearly the viewpoints of God, (the Supreme Creator and Ruler for most of us), and his Commandments with regard to gayism. The Words in the Bible state clearly God’s strong opposition to same-sex relationships and His Word cannot possibly be misinterpreted surely. In 1.Corinthians you can find written the following quotation from –

The Holy Bible, New International Version. Pradis CD-ROM:1Co 6:9.

1Co 6:9 Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? o Do not be deceived: p Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers q nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders r – is there really any way we can possibly get it wrong? According to this God is strongly opposed to same-sex relationships that may involve sexuality and/or any type of sexual responses toward each other. . . .

To quote a newspaper article today –

The Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles has elected the first openly lesbian bishop since the national church lifted a ban that sought to bar gays and lesbians from the church’s highest ordained ministry, the church announced. – it really leaves little to say for the credibility of the Church as a whole I believe.

Being an Australian Christian, of really no set denomination, I for one, would certainly not associate myself with any Church claiming Christian Theology that advocates the “devil” in disguise by electing a lesbian Bishop. I find the acceptance of a homosexual representative to such a position within the Church an insult to the God they represent according to the Bible they use as a basis for teaching Christian Theology. Needless to say, the evidence is quite damming! How any Church and/or its’ fundamental Ministry members can claim they teach the Word of God to the congregation and then engage the Services of a homosexual Bishop is really beyond any scope of logical reasoning that I could even begin to imagine.

It would seem to me that this particular Church is deliberately trying to disassociate itself from not only the congregation as a whole but also from the very God they claim to worship. This God who had His Word trans’scribed to the various writers of the day made very clearly guidelines governing such human behaviour. Given what I can see so far, no one really has to judge the Church as in essence, really, they have laid judgement upon themselves as their war begins with the very God who engages their Services on His behalf in teaching His Words, the Scriptures, as quoted from the Bible to God’s people on earth.

Over time, there have been many so-called Holy Wars, so to speak, however, when considering that 1. Corinthians is toward the end of days and is not too far away from the Last Book, Revelations, it seems this Church at least is certainly bringing the Prophecy to life (materializing), in our own realities today. It pays to note here also I believe, that as the year 2011/2012 draws nearer and as the Mayan society could not see passed it, one must really give serious consideration to the actions of Churches who advocate the Anti-Christ Theology, namely for the most part, themselves. A common Biblical reference with regard to judgement of any making, is simply the Proverb – “man will reap what he sows”, the equivalent of today’s theology of “karma”.

In conclusion, so far with the research I have done, it appears significant representatives in Australia of this Church are not in agreement with engaging homosexual Ministers, Bishops or otherwise into their Ministry for the God they represent. The actions of the Episcopal Church of America in defying the Word of God as it is clearly written will I believe be directly responsible for the potential violent and mortifying divisions we will see within the Church as whole that will totally crumble under the sheer weight of their own words. I believe the Church has behaved irresponsibly and defiantly according to the Words in the Holy Book, The Christian Bible that He (God), had left them with to live by These are the people I believe wear the mask of evil and the cloak of God to hide the faces of the falsehoods they carry in trying to palm themselves off as true teachers and believers in God to us, the congregation. When in fact, it seems without doubt, I believe they themselves are the Anti-Christ that will be responsible for the fall from Grace of the Church they represent.

As this Article may be read by many, I do not expect the reader to believe it one way or the other. However, I might only ask that you do not deny yourselves the opportunity of reading a Reading from the Christian Bible that clearly states how the God you believe in feels about same-sex relationships that involves sexual responses toward each other. The indicators may be found in “1. Corinthians 6:9”, heading toward the Last Book, the Book Of Revelations.

Thus, at the end of the day, so to speak, the Anti-Christ it seems has laid judgement upon themselves and we as human beings are not in a position to judge others as we will be judged the same. God alone I believe has all ready judged them if we are to believe the Word of God as it is written in our Christian Bible.

Many blessings to all, we will need them if the Churches continue into the future defying God’s Word as it was written then for today.May God help them to see the falsehood they portray that will ultimately bring down the Church they represent and the congregation that might follow its teachings.

Footnote: I wish to advise readers that my viewpoints I have shared in this Article are not necessarily directed to any individual and/or the congregation of this Church as a whole. My viewpoints are restricted and directed to only those responsible that I see misleading believers into thinking that homosexuality is “OK” with God by engaging the Services of homosexual Church Leaders. God clearly states through His Word, that homosexuality it is not acceptable in any circumstances and is not tolerated according to the principles and theologies of Christianity.