Gods I’d

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1.

How difficult is it for us to believe in what we can see and touch? Does that require faith? No. That which we can see or touch requires no faith whatsoever, for the evidence is there before us; and evidence negates faith. Evidence makes faith unnecessary and obsolete. Consider the story of Job. (One of my personal favorites.) During his trials and terrible tribulations, did Job see God? No. God chose not to reveal Himself to Job in that way.

Why must we live our lives without seeing God in person? Why must we bear the almost unbearable-alone? And why doesn’t God reveal Himself to us during those times when we are the weakest and hurting the most? It is because during those times we are being emptied out of vanity, arrogance, lust, greed, false security in the things of this world and the people in it, selfishness and any other ugliness we may have permitted to enter our once beautiful hearts and minds.

Even God does “spring cleaning”; in our lives. There comes a time when we must be cleansed of the dirt we have accumulated in our life’s journey here on earth. Does God suddenly appear to us and say, “Be thou cleansed!”? No. He does not. That is not God’s way, although He has revealed Himself to some at His own discretion.

We are God’s creation. He is our Master, and our Creator. Why would we think that He owes us the “proof” of seeing Him in the flesh? What an arrogant, foolish assumption! If we cannot worship, love, and believe in God without our actually seeing him “in the flesh”, then we do not deserve the rewards that are waiting for those who do. This is not a game of “I’ll believe in You if You’ll reveal yourself to me!”. This is about faith. Faith.

We have become so technologically advanced that there is almost nothing beyond our capabilities. We have instant everything, and for those few things which we have not yet, we have the promise that they are soon to be available.

Have you ever wondered how God feels about technology? Yes. He gave us the knowledge to reach the amazing place where we are today technologically. But, in the face of technology, when we begin to demand-or request-that God show Himself so that we can “believe in Him”, how do you suppose that makes Him feel?

Even so, many miracles are being witnessed in these last days before Christ’s return. Many have seen Jesus and His Virgin Mother, Mary in various places and in various situations all over the world. Even a blind man or woman would know that the end of this world is near, and that the time for the new earth is at hand. (According to God’s calendar, of course.)

Personally, I would be terrified to ask God for His “I.D.”! Just what do you suppose His response would be if we were to say to Him, “Okay. I’ll believe in You-if You’ll just show Yourself to me this once!” No. Oh, no. That would never do.