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God why do we need him

Comfort, wisdom, insight, deliverance, love, salvation. forgiveness. These are just a few reasons I can think of.

God is our Father. This is sometimes an extremely difficult concept for people to grasp, due to the fact that we have earthly fathers. But God is our Heavenly Father and He is there for us all the time, no matter what, offering us unconditional love and support, forgiveness and wisdom. He gives us insight into our lives, offers us solutions to our problems, and is offering us quite an inheritance if we are willing to accept His Son, Jesus, as our Saviour.

You know, during times of unrest in my life, the times when I feel like I am at my lowest, I pray to my heavenly Father. I know He is always there to listen, even when my earthly father is not. All I need to do to feel close to Him is close my eyes and picture Him smiling down on me as He wraps His arms around me, enveloping me in His love, welcoming me into His Kingdom. Instantly the inner turmoil I have felt is gone and it is replaced by peace. This is just one of many resons why people need Him in their lives.

He wants to rain down blessings and He longs to take care of all His children. He does not want to see any of us suffer. It is His desire for us to all be seated with Him in His Kingdom for eternity. It does not matter to Him what afflictions one may have. It does not matter what sins one may have committed in the past. He loves all of His creations for what He created them to be and He sees the good in all He created. This is why He such a forgiving God. Yet how many of us in the flesh can say that we are as forgiving, especially when we have been done wrong by another? This is why people need God in their lives. They will never find another who will offer them such unconditional love and forgiveness like God will offer it to them. All He asks for in return is our love, our praising of His name and to walk in His word.

One of the things I have learned, and am still continuing to learn, is that the more I praise my father, the closer I get to Him. I can see Him smiling down on me, I can feel Him wrapping His arms around me. The closer I become to Him, the more I long to pass His word around to those who may not know Him yet, or to those who need to strengthen their own relationship with him. Not only because it is our duty as Christians to spread God’s word the way Jesus did, but because it feels good to me to talk about my Father and what He does for me every day.

When I think about the people who are suffering on a daily basis, here in the U.S. and in other countries, it makes me sad. I know that if they knew the Lord, their suffering would end. Peace would fill their lives and each day would become more bearable for them. The strength that God has to offer His children is so great that you feel like you can accomplish almost anything. It gives you a calming faith, the kind of faith it takes to wake up to each new day with gratitude rather than regret. This is what God wants. He wants us to be thankful for each new day He gives us, to appreciate all that He has created for us. And He instills in us this appreciation if we let Him. We need only allow Him into our lives so that He can work His miracles through His love and wisdom.

I am so very grateful for my heavenly Father. Without Him my life would be very, very different. I would be a different person, a different mother, and not in a good way either. It is with Him that I am empowered to do anything, because with my Lord, all things are possible. Without Him , I am nothing. This is why I need Him. How about you?