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God Knowing vs Free will Religion

The Ultimate Debate: God Knowing vs. Free Will
God is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient. He knows all, is all present and all powerful. In His knowing wisdom, God gave us the totally blissful gift of free will. Now, while some see this as an oxymoron, it is in truth one of the greatest blessings bestowed upon humankind. God’s omniscience and omnipresence are there for us to draw on, but it is His gift to us of free will that allows us the freedom to either call on that omniscience or to struggle with life’s challenges and obstacles on our own.
Like an all-knowing parent, God allows his children to grow and learn on their own, making mistakes and stumbling along the way. Just as in our relationships with our physical parents, we have the choice to either seek God’s advice and counsel or make our own way without His input. Many of us stumble, fall and find ourselves mired in seemingly tragic situations. Sadly, our physical parents while confessing to have our best interests at heart and meaning well, sometimes give advice that is based on their own personal experiences and egos. Unlike our physical parents, however, God’s omniscience guarantees that the advice and counsel we receive when we turn to Him will always guide us to the right path.
If we elect to act without surrendering to Him, God won’t interfere in our decisions. He won’t step in and tell us that we should take a specific job, pursue a particular course of action or marry that person who we believe is THE ONE. He will lovingly allow us to follow whatever path we choose, knowing that we will eventually learn the lessons that are there for us and ultimately turn to Him for guidance. No matter how difficult our circumstances may appear, if we look upon them as the learning and growing experiences that God intends them to be, our suffering will be short-lived.
God blessed us with the powers of imagination, zeal, discernment, judgment and will so that we can experience the peace and joy that come only with recognizing and living in oneness with the God spirit within. Without the gift of free will, how would we be able to appreciate that magnificent treasure?
It is an undisputed fact that if we follow God’s word and open our hearts and minds to Him, we are guaranteed to enjoy all the blessings He has in store for us. Although these blessings are our birthright, it is our duty and responsibility to claim that birthright through surrender to His will. Without our total and complete surrender to God, communion with the Christ spirit within, and recognition of that same Christ spirit in everyone with whom we come into contact, the birthright of God’s blessings will continue to elude us.