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God is not the who but the what

The title ” Who is God” implies that God is a person. if a person, then the dual aspect is to determine if God is a male or female. There have been debate as to what gender God is. If God is a female, then then all the Popes of the Catholic Church are in hell. The traditional prayer starts with ” Our Father” suggesting the only parent Jesus had was male. Progressive turn to a politically correct view of praying , ” Our Mother, Our Father”.

The viewpoint of this essay rejects both points of view as God is genderless. And stating Gods as beyond gender, the question is not “Who is God”? but rather what is God. God is life and how this is manifested. Here are four suggestions:

1) God is the Being of Consciousness. Here, God sets the example of stripping away identity and the form of ego asking us to do the same. Behind every conflict is the ego and the God of Being is the example of living for unity among all. The ego separates and separation is a cause of suffering.

2) God’s Being is one of stillness, silence and solitude. We can express this Being through meditation which allows us to observe our mind and where we are stuck. God provides the leadership of peace through stillness and silence. Every form of negative behavior is a result of body or mouth movement.

3) God is the present moment. As the source of Being, God is the example of egolessness as the ego in never in the present moment. The ego is either focused on identification with the past or the fulfillment of the future. The present is expressed through the breath and an anonymous writer said, ” God is the breath within the breath”. Through the present moment, God is always with us and within us. There is nothing to believe in as God is life.

4) God is the neutrality of life. Yes, Gos is comparing anything as comparing is a byproduct of the ego. Here, neutrality means the view of opinion and taking sides and gain God serves as an example of how we ideally lead our lives. We create our own misery by attaching a negative to events which conflicts with neutrality. Example: The weather is not negative but our complaining about it

God is the what of life and is life and we unite when God by not looking at my life but seeing it as one with God in life!