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God is everything – Is

I honestly had the hardest time choosing which side to debate on, so I chose “Is”…but only to say that God is also known for what He has done as well. I do not know how anyone can even debate on a subject such as this; I am not saying that this is some sort of blasphemy against the Almighty, because I believe that God is not as uptight as people make Him out to be. However, I do not see why God cannot be known by both and for one more thing…for what He will do…because He is the Past, Present and the Future. I want to share something with you…something that you may think is insignificant…but I do not. In Christianity, humans are known as the “flock of God”, for we are His most precious creations…and He tends to us and keeps us safe as the shepherd does his sheep. In the Old Norse dialect, the word for “shepherd” is “fehirthir” and also means “herd”; the word fehirthir is also the word for “treasurer”. Another unbelievable fact in the Old Norse dialect, is one of the words for, “jewel, treasure”; in the dialect, one of the words for “jewel, treasure” is “MEN”, a term in world language that denotes the members of the species Homo sapiens or all the members of this species collectively, without regard to sex. These Old Norse words and the definitions they were given were created before the news of Christianity ever reached the northern Germanic lands…and you can find similarities between things such as this throughout many other cultures. The point I am trying to make is that all of this…life…living…the Earth…everything that happens and has happened…is not coincidence…and that these are the types of things that should be bringing all of us together as a people of the world. More importantly, it is facts such as this that should help people to realize that you cannot place labels on God; He is known for not what He is but who He is firstly; secondly He will forever be known for what He has done whether you read it in the Holy Bible, the Tanakh, the Qur’an or wherever you read it. And as I stated above, He still has much to do, for the glory of the Almighty God is everlasting; He will continue to reign down His glory upon us even when we are all in Heaven, when we have perished from the Earth and our children and our children’s children have shared the same fate, God will still be known for who He is, what He has done and what He will do forevermore.