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God Hears us

My experience was unexpected, but when I look back on it, I can see that I was doing what God wanted me to do. I was doing just the things that He wants His servants to do. I hope you read this and get out of it what I did by living it. Remember, this really happened to me and this is a big part of the reason I know God hears us.

I was at work and mopping the floor, when I started to pray. I had been reading the Bible alot and thought I should tell God about the things I was reading.
To me, telling God about the Bible, meant a chance to show God that I read the Bible and I remember what I read.

So, I prayed:

“God,” I said, “I know that Daniel was real and I know that you saved him from the lions, just as you saved Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednigo from the fire. And also, I know that Jesus is real and that He truly was Your Son. I believe, with all my heart that He really called Lazarus from the grave.”

You see, I wanted God to know that I believed that Jesus could save us from death.

I continued praying:

“I believe, Lord, that you gave Him the power, to even call people out of death. Lord, I know, that you gave Jesus the power to save us from death. I know Lord that the Bible tells us that Jesus died for our sins and I believe that. And I know that the Bible says that we shouldn’t tempt you, Lord. But,” I paused, I think I even stopped mopping. “But, Lord, is there anyway that You can show me that you are really hearing me.”

You see, I didn’t want God to prove He existed. But, the fact that He was hearing me was an important thing to me. I felt that He was hearing me and I wanted to believe it. I asked him the question and continued mopping and thinking about the Bible and God and Jesus and Lazarus and Daniel and the lions. Then, I had to stop because someone came in the store. I was mopping, but still I had to mind the register and check people out.

The two people that came in was a man and a lady. The man came straight to the counter and the lady went to the coffee machine. I was settled in behind my counter when the man started talking to me. I can’t remember exactly how he started, but it quickly moved to Christianity and he said, “We are driving down the interstate and God just told us to come in here.” He produced a card and it read: Church Builders. I took the card and couldn’t help but start crying because I felt God all over me. I told the man that I had just been praying and ask God to show me that He was listening. The woman walked over with a huge smile. God was crawling all over me.

We held hands and prayed.

This is a true story and the account happened to me, Thadd Presley. God truly heard me and I know he will hear you if you only call His name.

And don’t be scared and think you might miss it, because you will know it. Don’t you know your Father’s voice.