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God Existence of God

Those who believe in God usually have one thing in common. At some time, some place in life they experience something that wasn’t “supposed” to happen and yet it did. This type of experience is a glimpse behind the veil at something bigger than us all. It has been described in film as The Force, The Matrix, perhaps even the Wizard of Oz to some extent, however, for those who have experienced God in their lives not necessarily in a religious blind faith way, but in a real world tangible way there is no longer any mistaking the existence of a God force in the Universe.

Much of the conflict about God’s existence has to do with individual definition of what God must be, must do to prove existence to that particular doubting individual. What many who do not believe in God say in effect is “God does not meet my definition of what a divinity must be to meet my criteria for existence”. There are many who believe that unless they have physically seen a thing of some sort it doesn’t exist. Many people in America have never been to China to see a Chinese person however quite certainly the people in China do indeed exist though they may never have been seen by this one particular American. The wind itself is not seen however a kite can be seen dancing in the wind.  Seeing- or in this case not seeing alone doesn’t have much to do with proving the existence of a thing.  

Others who have not had life reflect their opinions about how the world is “supposed” to be believed that since this is the case there is no God and also because bad things happen to good people and these things are not “suppose” to happen if there is a God in Heaven.  Still others are more comforted thinking there is no God because it allows them to go against morals and social conscience to do things that they know would be against that standard in order to create unbalance and do what they deem to be best in their own small sphere of consciousness.

Many times humans are like a goldfish in a tiny bowl. They swam around their bowl several times a day and they are quite confident that they are equip from that experience to understand the grand schemes of the world and existence and how it all works. In fact they barley know their tiny fishbowl let alone how their experience intertwines with not only those in their town, city, nation, planet, solar system, galaxy, universe, existence on and on and on. So much connected so many moving parts and yet a single human is born, lives, survives a single day is such a series of miracles. This is one reason to believe there is a great guiding force.

Then there are the “weird coincidences”, those that “should” be dead and those that “shouldn’t”. There are the survivors and there are the over-comers. Often it is easy to get lost in the ashes of pain, eyes dirty to the light of the Phoenix shown there. Without the ash there would be no ash to rise from and isn’t that truly the life stories humans flock to? How many books were written, movies made, lectures given about so called perfect lives that experienced no struggle, no pain, only victory after victory with no struggle? These are not the stories told over the ages.  They are stories that test and create a truly immortal soul. Stories about souls that have been tempered in the flames of adversity and unfair play and overcame the odds and obstacles that make a soul stronger. These amazing individuals are recorded in history, names carried forward through the ages.

It is foolish to presume one know the answers to why a baby gets leukemia and dies. Why a seemingly evil man appears to get every lucky break known to man. That is because there is more to it much, much more to it and maybe it is not up for each individual to understand the “why” of everyone else’s story. It seems that eventually there is a moment of clarity when much becomes clear about how the puzzle fits together. Sometimes it is because the experience may not be just for the person experiencing it, it is also about countless others that may be affected by it people the individual may never meet, yet through their struggle and stories touch millions. There are many such stories on the news. Because something happened to one person the world was changed forever.

Anyone who has witness to a birth or a death, anyone who has experienced a sunset in the desert, an ocean voyage, a safari in Africa, anyone who has sat perfectly still out in the middle of nowhere senses it. Those who walk away from an accident with people starting agape at them everyone knowing they should be dead. Those who have had a near death experience and returned or any of the countless ways that those who know for certain were brought to that knowing. The presence is there, call it Mother Nature, call it God, it really doesn’t matter what label is placed on it. What matters is the connection to that energy which encompasses Life. That which when our own little magnetic field is in harmony with it life feels peaceful and things are “right in the world” and when actions force a person to be against the grain of it can be the most excruciating mental and heart pain possible. That is God and God is real.