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God Condemns Murder so he would Condemn Abortion

God told Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply. The miracle of birth is something special. A man and a woman have intercourse and nine months later the woman gives birth to a baby. But when a woman who has chosen to have sex decides that the life in her womb must be exterminated, she plays God. She is telling God she has the right to allow a life to continue or to be eliminated.

Thou shalt not kill is still one of the ten commandments. Since life begins at conception when all the genes we’ll ever have in our life, barring gene replacement, are present, our future is determined at the moment the sperm fuses with the egg and the genetic information is mixed.

God wants us to avoid fornication and flee lust that wars against the Spirit. Paul wrote to Timothy In II Timothy 2:22 to flee youthful lusts. Lust of a man for a woman can lead to fornication which can lead to pregnancy. So if sin leads to conception and is followed by prenatal extermination of the life in the womb, two sins are committed. Murder of the unborn is still murder.

Jeremiah wrote in Jeremiah 1:5 that before he was formed in the belly, God knew him and before he was born, God had sanctified him and made him a prophet. So if God knew Jeremiah before his mother may have known she was carrying him in the womb, God would have condemned her if she had decided his life wasn’t worth preserving.

There is the occurance in Genesis 38:9-10 in which Onan didn’t want to father a child that would be considered his brother’s child, so he ejaculated the sperm and God killed him. This wasn’t an abortion. Only one of the components for conception was destroyed. But the potential for life was destroyed. So God showed his displeasure of not obeying his command which was for brothers to take the wives of their dead brothers and father children in their name. So if God hates for people who are able to bring the spark of life to not do it if they’re able to, how much more would he hate for people who have life growing in the womb to destroy it?

God gives people life. Why do people think they should have the right to exterminate it? It doesn’t matter that in this nation it is legal to exterminate preborn lives. There are a lot of evils that governments have condoned over the centuries. That doesn’t mean that governments should be considered more powerful than God and able to overrule what he believes. God establishes governments and allows governments to be dissolved as in the case of Israel. And the Jews are God’s original chosen people. So when a woman has an abortion, she is in essence saying she has the right to overrule God’s desires. She is wiser than God because she believes the life she is carrying in the womb has no potential value.

What if the first woman President we were supposed to have in 2024 was aborted in 1974? What if the person who was supposed to cure AIDS and save millions of people was sucked out of a womb and tossed into a dumpster in 1972? What if God wanted these two people to exist, but their mothers chose to have them removed from their bodies? It was God’s intention to have them born and live up to their potential. But two women who thought they knew better than God how to shape the future decided they had the right to misshape the future. God will have to use other people to fulfill his will. He’s done that often. If a person is not willing to carry out the will of God, he normally doesn’t force them against their will to do what he wants them to do. But if a woman interferes with God’s will by destroying a life that is supposed to exist, God has the right to be angry with her.

I call people who murder others Godplayers. They decide who should live or die just like God does. So if a woman decides the life in her womb she chose to have intercourse to produce should be eliminated, she becomes a Godplayer. If you were God and someone thought they were wiser than you, wouldn’t you punish them for their audacity?

Murder is murder whether it’s committed against an elderly person, a young adult, or a fetus that has the potential of eventually becoming an elderly person. Life begins at conception and to take a life is murder. God condemns murder, so he would condemn abortion.