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God Absolute

God is everything and everything belongs to God. The reason He is, is because he is the only absolute in the Universe. The Bible tells you that God is the Truth, and that the truth is in the Word, which of course is God. However, many schools of thought may disagree with this; some people say there is no such thing as an absolute truth, which really means that the only absolute truth is that there are not absolutes.

While many people are entitled to their opinion, it is humans spend a lot of time trying to deny that God is an absolute. He is absolutely, all of everything. When asked who he is, you learn his is the great “I am” that in itself is absolute. He is, therefore you must recognize his existence. The point of what absolute truth is whether or not something is in fact a reality. God is the absolute truth because he is, in reality. You learn quickly that the truth is that God created the world and that he has promised all of humanity a place at his side for all eternity as long as that person believes and gives his life to God.

Many great men during the post-modernism era have spent many days trying to prove that God cannot be absolute, however for centuries before these men came to being God was, and many years after they have gone, God still is. He has stood the test of time, from the very beginning, he has been known to his people, and today he is still very real to those who believe.

Why is God the only absolute, because he is the only thing that was there and will always be there forever? There is absolutely no one in this time that can say this. Though many believe that God is not an absolute, this is usually because many people do not believe in God, science doesn’t always agree with God, and some religions fight about the dogma they think God cares about, God himself is always the same.

While some may not agree, you will find that God is indeed the one thing in our life that always stays the same, you can surmise that God will definitely and absolutely be the same God, yesterday, today and tomorrow, he is the first and the last, he will always be there whether people believe or not. He will be there for everyone forever.