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Gilligans Island as a Metaphor for the seven Deadly Sins

Gilligan’s Island as a metaphor for the seven deadly sins made me crack up. I had to write on this for the sole purpose of calling Bull. This series was just what it appeared to be people trapped on an island with an idiot that botched their chances at getting off at every chance. It was a dilemma how to get off the island and how to keep Gilligan from messing up the efforts. If we choose to compare any television series to the seven deadly sins we can find it. It truly troubles me that in this society hen humor is needed the most that religion has to be brought into it.
The Howell’s had nothing other than what they had on the island in the third episode they received a radio broadcast that said that because they were assumed dead that the holdings were no longer theirs. the professor had no desire other than to create and create anything. Create a way for them to not only get off of the island but also to create a way for them to live more comfortably while on the island. The skipper he was the muscle and the capt. of the ship he was the one that that made sure that all the things that the professor needed got to him. Mary Anne she represented the way that they were able to make food available and her wholesome values made it so that everybody was taken care of the way they would have been down on the farm. Ginger was there for one reason only to make sure that the men watching the series had something pretty to look at and that the show would appeal to people other than the children and women, It helped that she learned how to semi-take care of herself on the island. Gilligan he was just a hapless moron and how he ever made it to be the skippers first mate in the first place is a miracle to me.
The very idea that religion can even be brought into this series amazes me. Is nothing above this comparison. Is there anything in this world that we can leave god out of. I’m going to put on purple underwear today and god has nothing to do with it. Much like Rosanne will most likely in rerun today tell her children to leave or she will kill them I’m sure that those references were not made to somehow god does not want us killing our children. The Brady’s for that matter oh the humanity, divorce and intermixing of families how would the bible ever deal with this.