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Ghost Hunters Academy Season 2 June 9 2010 Recap

Season 2 of Ghost Hunters Academy is starting to heat up with the contestants. Last week was the first episode and it was quite boring to say the least but the group is starting to realize that this is a competition. The original group of 8 is down to 7 with Adam and Rosalyn being made the team leaders.

This week the group of GHA went to Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in Weston, West Virginia, where the members of “Ghost Hunters” had previously investigated in 2008. There were a lot of experiences in this hospital of horrors during it’s time of use. The asylum had started its construction in 1858 with the completion of the hospital in 1881. The asylum operated for many years without the use of medications but instead used other therapies like labodomies, shock treatments, and thump therapy – or simply beating the hell out of the patients.

The claims of paranormal in the asylum include full body apparitions, voices, figures, and shadows – the typical ghostly haunts. The third floor held the worst of the worst. During the asylum’s operation, it was not uncommon to have 10 or more death certificates issued just for people who were either murdered or committed suicide on the third floor.

The teams broke up with Rosalyn and Adam leading their own team.  Rosalyn and Eric (who was on her team) butted heads when he walked 20 feet away from the team.  Eric and Dan were simply checking out an area where Michelle had seen something that may have been a man figure. It’s obvious that Rosalyn is taking her team leader position seriously but Eric is going to do what he needs to during the investigation. It will be interesting to see how these two work together in the future.

The only big screw up of the night was Dan turning off his EMF detector right after the group had heard some noises. Tango called Dan on it and Dan admitted he had a brain freeze.  Because any small mess up could send someone home – this could be enough to dismiss Dan.

The fun of the night was Steve and Tango testing the groups on phantom smells. The two used cigar smoke to see if the groups would not only smell the smoke but search out the source. Adam’s team aced the test but Rosalyn’s team failed. Rosalyn completely dismissed the smell while Eric and Michelle searched it out. However, they still did not find the source.

The team took their evidence and sorted through everything. The evidence didn’t turn up a lot, maybe a female’s voice and a door moving on its own. But with people near the door, it’s hard to tell if it was paranormal or a breeze – either way, it was interesting.

The elimination round was fairly obvious as to who should be sent home. Dan did mess up by turning off his EMF recorder at a critical moment but Rosalyn’s performance during the test was quite poor. You never dismiss something until you have investigated the claim. For next week, Michelle and Adam were made the team leaders which meant they are safe from elimination. In the end, it was Dan who was chosen by Steve, Tango, and Jason to be dismissed, leaving only 6 in the running to become a permanent member of the T.A.P.S.  family.