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Getting the most out of Church

If you are going to church it is important to get the most out of the service as possible.  Why sit there and waste space if you are not going to get something out of it. 

There are many different things to do to get ready for the service so that you can get the most out of it.  Here are a few of those suggestions:

1 – Start by asking God to prepare you for the service.  Asking God to prepare your heart and get your mind in the right mind set will get you headed in the right direction.

2 – Make sure your mind is clear of anything that is negative or that will distract you from what you really are there for, which is to serve and worship God. This means if you are mad at someone you will be thinking about that instead of concentrating on the service.  Do what you need to do to take care of the situation as much as possible before going to church or find a way to be able to not let it bother you during church. 

3 – Participate in the service.  This means singing and being willing to fully participate in whatever takes place in the service.

4 – Don’t allow others to distract you from the service.  That may mean you do not sit near your friends. Knowing what distracts you is important so that you can make sure that you can avoid them.  

5 – Sit somewhere where you can concentrate on the service.  Maybe for some it is sitting near the front so that seeing others come in and out will not disturb you.  For some it may be sitting in the back because you have children and need to take them out when they get to loud or you have a medical reason that you may need to move around. 

Going to church is not about taking up a spot and helping the church reach a certain number each week.  You should want to go to church to learn and grow closer to God.  Going to church helps your relationship with God like spending time with your friends and family is important.  If you take time for your friends and family you should be taking time for God as well. 

So, what is your motivation for going to church?