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Geico Insurance TV Commercials

T.V. commercials are just too LOUD! Especially Geico Insurance 2009? Who’s watching me now? FCC states they only give television broadcasters a limit of how much “power signal” they can use for all programming. Whether it is soft or even loud at times, the problem is? These T.V. commercial advertisers push it to the limit! Especially Geico Insurance at times! And tell the television producers “I want my commercial to be heard!” No matter what it takes!

The problem is? It makes T.V. viewers really mad, and reach for their remote control to turn down the volume during these “Loud T.V. Commercials”. Whenever the regular show comes back on, they are forced to cut the volume back up, thus in return creating a lot of frustration. Your mom or dad or even your spouse may tell you? “Cut that sound down, it’s too loud!” Your reply may be “It’s NOT me, it’s the T.V. commercial is too loud!”

Apparently, T.V. broadcasters are only allowed a FCC limit for audio sound power. In other words, these T.V. commercial advertisers take the loudest part of the regular programming and then use it for these loud commercials. It’s kind of like whenever you are watching a movie and the sound is really soft and then suddenly “BOOM!” out of nowhere! The sound seems to blast your ears away! “Which is Great in movie theaters!” But dose not seem to have the same effect on T.V. during commercials.

If you have ever noticed? T.V. commercials seem to have the same volume throughout the commercial? The reason why is because they want listeners and T.V. audience to experience the financial effect during their highly paid programming. The audio volume seems to always ironically stay the same during viewing? Simply because they have adjusted the volume to the “Highest Level of FCC regulations” of one of your favorite T.V. shows so that you can hear every word spoken during this T.V. commercial.

Personally, I can NOT stand these loud Geico Insurance T.V. commercials. In their early days, they seem to be funny and comical at times, until they reached the days of the caveman. Which I absolutely despise! “I would NOT buy car insurance from this insurance company at anytime because their T.V. commercials are loud and stupid!” And I also wonder? Are they really legally “Legitimate?” in a court of law. “Will the caveman represent me in front of a jury?”

Give people a break sometimes Geico! Your highly paid writers have apparently “gone to sleep!” regarding T.V viewers.Your “Stupid Caveman has finally died!” Hopefully, we will never see this guy ever again. This is supposed to be car insurance, which can be very serious at times in front of a jury, especially if you end up hiring an attorney regarding your automobile accident injury case. Most adults understand this situation because of monetary reasons. “This is NOT a joke!”

At the time, Allstate and State farm seem to be advertising “realistic” T.V. commercials, which also seems to be well adjusted for television viewing pleasure, because of their volume. They have apparently taken the loudest volume of your favorite T.V. show and turned it down a bit, simply because they respect car paying insurance insurers and “truly” want your business. Geico should do the same thing. Geico stocks are falling at this particular time in history.

Television viewing is one of the greatest pleasures that human beings have ever created all over this earth in the past century. Even if your sick in bed, or eating a T.V. dinner watching the “Millionaire episodes” day or night on GSN, even elderly people still enjoy watching the re-runs of “I love Lucy and Andy Griffith on TV land” which still seems to bring so much joy in their lives. Whatever, your favorite T.V. show is? Commercial advertisers should always respect the T.V. viewers of volume.

These advertisement people have the authority to do something about this “Loud Sound” on television, but do NOT seem to care? Unfortunately, these T.V. sponsors have brought us these incredible T.V. shows over the years with millions and millions of dollars spent on advertisement which most T.V. viewers understand and respect everyday on this “Tube” viewing pleasure.

“So why not cut down the volume a bit?” Future T.V. manufacturers have stated over the internet, they have came up with a “Loud Soud” adjustment which cost an additional fee of $50.00 USD for T.V. viewers. So would I pay this fee? If the sponsors have the right to change their volume and think about T.V. consumers all around the world?