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Gay Priests – Yes

To understand what this question is asking is to live the life of a Christian homosexual. I was born and raised in the Christian United Church, and I have always been taught that to be human is to sin. Even ministers and priests are not without sin. The only difference between a minister and a person sitting in the pews is the fact that the minister has a calling from God to preach His Word. Jesus took away all of the world’s sins by dying on the cross, and He will forgive anyone who is willing to take action against their own sinning, even if they cannot avoid acting sinfully.

God created all humanity as equals, and when He refers to homosexuality being a sin, an abomination, it is because the homosexual people He was referring to were acting wrongly. For example, people may refer to pirates as sinners because of their homosexual acts on the ships between ports, but does that excuse the fact that they would destroy the lives of countless people when not relieving their sexual tension? No! Also, most homosexuals, admittedly not all, but most never act this way. They don’t go around and have sex as much as possible, no, many homosexuals are looking for a relationship very much like a heterosexual. Homosexuality is not a sin, it is a natural human feeling. If homosexuality is a sin, then why is love not a sin? It is very much the same thing.

This brings me back to if homosexuals can be priests. I say, “Why not?”. They are the same as anybody else, and can have the same beliefs as a priest. I know for a fact that my priest doesn’t look down on homosexuals, he embraces them into the Church because they are still children of God. As children of God, they are also able to have the same calling as the priests and preach the Word. So yes, homosexuals should be ‘allowed’ to be ordained as priests, because they are the same as anybody else! If anybody states differently then they are the ones who sin, as they are forgetting one of the three Golden Rules. Namely, ‘Love thy neighbour as thyself’. If gays cannot be priests, then nobody should be priests and we would have nobody to preach the word of God. It is truly unfortunate that this debate even exists, I feel pity for anybody who feels that homosexuals should not be priests. God loves us all. He loves you, me, homosexuals, sinners, and whoever else may exist, but He still loves us. Never forget that.