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Gay Church Leadership – No

With the confession of the mouth we are overflowing that which masters our heart. Jesus is the Word. Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega; The beginning and the end. He promises to forgive all by His spoken Word. His spoken Word also instructs us.

Should the body of Christ allow Homosexuality in its leadership? The question is simpler to answer if we look at the context of what God desires of us as followers of Christ Jesus. The Word of God is Truth inspired to men as a handbook, or operators manual. God would not create so preciously, as to cut off all hope to His sheep, who hear His voice. God also gives us wisdom by His spoken Word which is The Holy Bible.

Christians are Spirit beings in charge of the body they were given, to carry out a very special mission as they progress along a unique and ever revealing path. By God’s Word, a Christian can become a mighty warrior in God’s army. God tells His children of the price paid to set them free, and His children hear his voice. Christians hear His voice through the portals of their fleshly vessel, the body that was purchased with a price. By the ears, we hear the Word and yet some are deaf. By the eyes, we read the Word and yet some are blind; or have not the ability to read.

A Christian matures by consuming the Bread of Life, The Living Water, and the Blood of the Vine. There is a way which seems right, but the end is the way of death. The Church is the Bride according to the spoken Word of God. The members of her body know that the Groom, who is the” I AM”, Christ Jesus, will come for her. Until the day of Jesus Christ, we look to God’s Word, we focus, and we know when to say “Human, you are malfunctioning”.

As author of these words, I speak only of my own experience as a member of the body of Christ. I was born of flesh at the hospital; I was born of Christ thirty-three years later. I was set free of a life of rebelliousness, yet I still die daily to this, and to selfishness, and so many other malfunctions, as the flesh is in constant subjection to the spirit that is restoring who I must become in Christ. I look to God’s Word for answers. In His Word, I seek wisdom. I have asked God in prayer, I have sought His direction through His written Word. I see Sodom and Gomorrah, and the immorality, and God specifically states that homosexuality is an abomination. I have found in the Old Testament, God’s original Laws. As for me, the law remains a guideline for” human, you are malfunctioning The Old Testament reveals the history of what is good for us and what is not good for us, a rule in which we are to calibrate our Body, mind, and spirit to align with God’s desire for our welfare.

Consider the Church as a hospital, a place to become nourished, fed, brought back to health, restored, and then equipped. Given the confusion alone of a person confessing to be a practicing homosexual, and leading a Church of God I shudder to think nothing less than a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I was a babe in Christ when I was 33 years old. If I would have walked into a Church and found a homosexual preaching I would have possibly turned my back on Christianity altogether. May this never be so with the little ones! If there would be leadership that would confuse someone coming to Christ Jesus, then this would be the opposite of love. Seeking Christ, many will have read scripture, many feeding as mere babes, drinking spiritual milk, learning about God, measuring what they hear, and witness, against the Word itself for Truth. This is when they are vulnerable. This is when the Body of Christ needs to be the salt and the light; not the confusion, and the chaos. If a leader would risk causing a little one to stumble, then for this reason alone I will not become a sheep of that flock, for it is the confusion that quenches the spirit.

Jesus did say “go, and sin no more”. In my own opinion, this means to confess that you are a child of God now, Go assemble with those who can nourish you according to God’s plan and Law of Love. Do not confess you are mastered by homosexuality, therefore using the universal sugar coated “gay”confession. Healing and love, forgiveness, and a desire to not confuse anyone, especially those new to Christ, are prerequisites of uncorrupted Church leadership. Those in bondage to the ways of the corrupting environment need healing, not the opportunity to twist the way the little ones will view the Truth.