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Gary Unmarried

A new show to the CBS lineup is “Gary Unmarried.” Starting in November 2008, it’s about Gary Barnes and his family. The show is centered around Gary and Allison’s divorce and coping with the ex while sharing custody of their two kids, Louise, age 11, and Tom, age 14.

The cast includes: Jay Mohr as Gary Brooks, a painting contractor who has recently gone through a divorce. Paula Marshall as Allison Brooks, a controlling, stay at home mom. Jaime King as Vanessa Flood, Gary’s first girlfriend after the divorce who he met while painting her condo. Ed Begley Jr. as Dr. Walter Krandall, Allison’s fiance, who is also their previous marriage counselor . Ryan Maigarini as Tom Brooks, Gary and Allison’s son, who is socially awkward. Kathryn Newton as Louise Brooks, daughter to Gary and Allison, spends most of the episodes stressing out of environmental causes. And Al Madrigal as Dennis Lopez, Gary’s best friend.

Season opener: Gary and Allison Brooks just ended a 15 year marriage and are trying to continue a civil relationship. They are attempting to follow a book, “Rules to the Perfect Divorce,” which their marriage counselor, Dr. Walter Krandall, wrote. While working through the divorce, Allison and Krandall started a relationship. Gary, who comes off as a stereotypical jock, struggles with the ending of his marriage but finds a connection with Vanessa while working for her. However, the relationship ended when Gary couldn’t stop obsessing over his ex wife. Vanessa is now a close friend of Gary’s and remains as a member the cast. Dennis Lopez and Gary work together and confided in each other regarding their relationships and life’s troubles. Tom Brooks spends his time being the classic nerdy kid, who has trouble with his confidence in talking to girls. Gary spends time through the episodes trying to help by giving him advise that doesn’t always work. Louise is an 11 year old environment nut who spends a lot of time trying to convince her parents of making changes to save the world.

On January 7th, 2009, Gary Unmarried won the 35th People’s Choice Award for “Favorite New TV Comedy.” Overall Gary Unmarried is a great comedy show, running 30 minutes long on a prime time schedule. I highly recommend it for families who enjoy spending time watching good television shows that cater to everyone watching. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate Gary Unmarried at a solid 8 for overall viewing. The show is currently in its first season but fans are looking forward to see how the show pans out in the next.