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Friendship Peer Pressure Friends help

You’ve seen them smoking. You’ve heard them swear. So how do youths today resist the peer pressure received unknowingly in their daily lives? You could, and you should.

Be wary of who you hang out with; the friends you choose today may very well be the ones to influence you for the rest of your life. We all love friends who makes us laugh and are enthusiastic enough to get going whatever the occasion. But before you join in the laughter, hold your horses! Are you laughing at someone or with someone? Laughing at someone else’s expense is one of the greatest peer pressure one can face. When you are with your friends, you subconsciously laugh along with them, at just about anything and you may be hurting someone’s feelings. You may feel the need to laugh along, because you do not want to be left out or be ‘uncool’. But put yourself in the victim’s shoes; do you feel good being laughed at? To counter such situations is easy. Keep your worries about being ‘uncool’. All you have to do is to just say, “Come on, give that guy a break. He probably feels embarrassed enough being caught in this situation. Let’s go.” Putting a nice stop to this laughing will eventually make you the mature one in your clique. Earn your respect in this manner, and not otherwise.

Another type of peer pressure is when your friends enjoys doing activities which are essentially unlawful and they may tend to get you to join in the ‘fun’. First of all, you are obviously already in bad company, so you should leave the group as soon as possible. If they do not usually behave in this manner, and are perhaps only doing it once for the fun of it, there are ways to prevent yourself getting dragged to the police station. The first thing you need to do, is to stand firm. Do not waver or show any signs of giving in. All you need to do is to think of the consequences you will be facing. Do you really want to spend the next 4 years of your life trapped in a cell being stripped of all dignity? Would you want to break the hearts of those who believed and loved you? Wouldn’t you rather be wise, stick up for yourself and live the rest of your life being glad you made the right choice? It may seem difficult at first, to resist the temptations of ‘joining in the fun’, but taking a moment to think through your actions carefully is going to affect how you walk down the path in future.

Your life, your choice. Would you choose to be accepted now by your so-called ‘friends’ or would you rather be accepted by the society in the years to come?

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