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Friends Phoebe

Phoebe Buffay, the ditzy free spirit of the Friends gang, is an interesting character. Phoebe has a twin sister named Ursula, who like Phoebe, is quirky and ditzy, but unlike her twin, Ursula comes across as heartless and uncaring at times. This is most likely due to the fact that Phoebe and Ursula had a tumultuous childhood. Their biological mother gave Phoebe and her sister to a friend named Lilly, shortly after giving birth to them. The friend’s husband, Frank, was the biological father of Phoebe and Ursula. Their father abandoned them when they were quite young. When the girls were 14 years old, Lilly committed suicide on Christmas day, and Phoebe and Ursula found themselves alone. Phoebe fled to the streets of New York City, where she was homeless for many years. The twins had a stepfather who was in jail for the duration of the series.

In the early years of Friends, Phoebe had a relationship with David, the “science guy,” until he had to move to Minsk to perform scientific studies.

Until 1993, Phoebe lived with her good friend Monica, in a New York City apartment. She then went on to live with her grandmother. When her grandmother died in season 5 of the show, Phoebe met her real father at her grandmother’s funeral. This was when she found out she was raised by adoptive parents, thus never knowing her real father until her grandmother died. After the death, Phoebe continued to live in her grandmother’s apartment with a made up roommate, in order to have an excuse not to let her friend Rachel move in. After Rachel did move in with her, their apartment was burned down in a fire caused by Rachel’s hair straightener. At that point, Phoebe went to live with Monica and their friend Chandler. After her apartment was rebuilt with only one bedroom, Phoebe lived alone until season ten when she married Mike. They began dating in season 8, when Mike was an unemployed lawyer/piano player. All was well until they briefly broke up due to Mike stating he did not want to get married.

During the time that Phoebe and Mike were not together, David came back into Phoebe’s life. He confessed to Phoebe that he was still in love with her. Unfortunately, Phoebe was still trying to get over Mike, and tried hard to fall in love with David again. However, Phoebe still loved Mike and did not want to commit herself to David. He even went so far as to ask her to marry him, in an attempt to help her get over Mike. As David was about to propose to Phoebe, Mike showed up and proposed to Phoebe himself. She initially turned him down, as she did not want to be engaged to him at the time, rather she wanted to know that someday, when they were both ready, they would be married. Phoebe ended her relationship with David and rekindled her relationship with Mike. In the series finale of Friends, Phoebe and Mike were discussing the idea of having children together.

Phoebe Buffay had a tough, but interesting life. Her quirkiness made her endearing to fans of the show.