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Friday the 13th the Series

Fans of Friday the 13th the Series know what a long wait it was – begging, pleading with the studios to release Friday the 13th the Series for nearly 2 decades. After bypassing the VHS era and moving into the “everything ever put on TV is on DVD era,” we grew hopeful. But still we waited years for this precious release, all the while watching every other television series show up on store shelves. 

Fans pondered how every reality show disaster ever put on the air could make it to DVD mere hours after completing its run on broadcast, when a fantastic show such as F13 the Series still waited patiently for release. Then finally, one fateful day in September, dreams came true – an official release finally hit the shelves.

I purchased my copy at lightning speed, and proceeded on my path towards a heavenly 26 hour marathon. It was amazing to watch one of my childhood favorites on television again without having to watch out of order episodes on cable, and without commercials. Not that I don’t long for the creativity of the late 1980s advertisements, but I wanted the experience to be pure and uninterrupted.

Both the sound quality and picture quality were actually better than I remember from back in the “old days” as my fascinated 11 year old self sat glued in front of the console television. There were details that I hadn’t quite noticed before, both in dialogue and in imagery. But perhaps I am getting ahead of myself here. Let me pause for a moment and give a quick background of the show for all of you who haven’t been lucky enough to see this captivating program yet!

Here’s the back story: A man makes a deal with the devil to sell cursed antiques. He gets rich from it, and is granted immortality – at least until he breaks the pact, then all hell breaks loose (Sorry, bad pun)! Not so long story short, he is killed by the cloven hooved beast and his store, Vendredi Antiques, falls into probate. The “lucky” duo who inherits the shop is his niece Micki Foster ad her cousin Ryan Dallion. The two are only cousins by marriage, what seems to have been a marriage that ended in divorce, no less. This seemingly extraneous info up will be important later, trust me!

So, Micki and Ryan take over the shop and, after selling off a slew of antiques, they meet Lewis’ old friend Jack Marshak. The three of them begin talking and it is discovered that Lewis had been selling the cursed objects for fun and profit. Micki and Ryan, feeling responsible for also having sold some of the objects from the Vault (the chamber meant to contain the evil playthings), decide to stay and (with Jack’s help) recover every cursed item ever sold. It is then that the shop is renamed “Curious Goods.”

From that starting point, viewers could expect eerie antiques, atmospheric settings, fantastic dialogue, and typical 80s campy fun. The relationship between the 3 main characters was also enjoyable, and beginning at about the 3rd episode, there was a camaraderie that was undeniable. Add to that the flirtatious chemistry between the two main characters (See, I told you that extraneous info. would come in handy!), a chemistry that left many viewers wondering what their real relationship was, and you had a recipe for broadcast perfection.

Now some fans have complained that there are not a lot of extras – and I have to agree, this is disappointing. But the small number of extras that are on the disc bring back memories. Sitting on the edge of my seat, excited about what the next episode might be, what object may be used, and what kind of trouble the sleuthing trio would face. Sure, there aren’t a plethora of extras, but what viewers forget is that this was shot at a time before every supposedly hilarious slip up or misread was captured on film and quickly thrown together to make a “bonus” section. Granted, it would have been great to see some interviews, or some behind the scenes footage, but to be honest, I was so thrilled that this collection finally came out (after 20 years!), that I didn’t really care. I had waited not so patiently for this set, and I was thankful for what I had in front of me.