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Free on Line Tarot Card Readingshow to get a Free on Line Tarot Readingfree Tarot Card Reading

Free on-line tarot readings are offered by many websites and clairvoyants, some as a clear enticement for people to order a more in-depth tarot or psychic reading but others offer a wide-ranging selection of free on-line readings from a choice of spreads, cards and even on how to view the spreads.

The tarot can help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and what you are going through. How helpful are on-line readings? On-line readings will give a generalised interpretation of each card. These meanings are rather like those offered to someone who is learning the tarot to give them a ‘feel’ for the card.

Every Tarot card will actually come to have its own meaning for a tarot reader. A personal tarot reading is all about intuition as the tarot is used as a tool to connect the tarot card reader with Universal energies.

Therefore on-line readings can give a good idea of the general meanings of each card but what is lacking in these readings is intuition. It should also be remembered not to click on too many readings in too short a space of time which can be very tempting when they’re offered for free. A tarot card reader will give one reading and then recommend some space between this and the next one.

 How can you get a free on-line tarot reading? ~

 According to their blurb façade.com was the first and is the most popular tarot site offering free tarot-card readings since 1993 so it is worth taking a look at what they have to offer.

To get a free reading from this site, you get the chance to ask the tarot a question as well as a choice of twenty tarot decks including the Aquatic Tarot, Lovecraft Tarot, Phoenix Tarot and the Rider Waite Tarot. Next is a choice of tarot spread, including the Celtic Cross, One Card Spread, Fourfold Vision and Twisting Path Spread.

The reading itself relies on set interpretations for each card. These are a generalised analysis and do not particularly answer the question asked, unless within the description of each chart. Even so as far as Tarot readings go..

Some sites offer a free tarot card reading but it is also necessary to ‘register for free’ such as free-tarot-reading.net. This site offers 24 different readings but also warns that not all of them are free. It is up to the individual whether they want to register in order to have access to the free readings.

 Whereas at tarotpage.com there is a statement that guests do not have to register to get their free reading although people are invited to subscribe to the site. Guests enter by clicking on a torch-lit hall. They are then welcomed with a page of different offers. For a free reading scroll to the very bottom and click on ‘guest.’ There is then a choice of a 1 card reading, 3 card or 10 card reading. The 10 card reading gives a good description of each chart with an overview and outcome.

At tarot.proastro.com there is a choice of a number of spreads and explanations about each one before you are requested to ‘shuffle and read.’ This site uses the Rider Waite cards for all spreads and offers a brief description of each card.

Mystic Games invite people to subscribe to the site but also have a ‘guest entrance’ which allows access to a tarot spread reading, rune reading or I-ching reading. The free on-line Tarot options include a number of spreads including:

* Card of the Day with Commentary

* Celtic Cross Spread

* Joint Solution

* Know Thyself

* Love Oracle Spread

* My Greatest Srength

* My Greatest Vice

* Path and Goal

* Tarot Magic

* Testing Love

* The Cross

* Path Spread

* Relationship Spread

* The Solution

* Star Spread

* Three Card Romance

* Today and Task

* Very Personal Spread

 What are these readings like? Click on the spread and then you are asked to choose an example reading from different decks. There is also a choice to purchase that deck. Click on the card and then on the reading panel , click ‘flip’ for the analysis of each tarot card.

 Byzant.com offer a choice of free on-line tarot readings, in fact the choices go on for quite some time as a spread is chosen from a choice of Question Spreads, Calendar Spreads, Regular Readings and Express Readings. Then the type of spread and then how you would like to view your reading i.e. one card at a time or a full reading. Eventually, you get to shuffle the deck and chose how to view your reading i.e. one card at a time or a full reading.  a good analysis of each card in the reading is offered as well as a chance to have a ‘new reading.’

Free on-line tarot readings are good for those who are trying to learn the Tarot as they give a good example of the different spreads, interpretations and decks available.

These readings are useful for people wanting general advice however it should be remembered that cards aren’t weighed up against each other as would be done by a tarot reader and a computer does not bring intuition into play. Even so a lot of work has gone into some of the above sites which offer a range of interesting readings.