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Fools Gold Kate Hudson Matthew Mcconaughey

Benjamin and Tess Finnegan have just gotten divorced in Cuba, but neither seems very happy about it. They both have a joint ambition of finding an old sunken Spanish ship containing jewels and treasure from the 1700’s, but have had no success. Ben is trying to earn a living finding it, while Tess is working as a Steward on a yacht for Billionaire Nigel Honeycutt. But Ben is convinced he has located the Queen’s Dowry and is determined to get it, but he can’t manage it on his own. So he gets Tess and Nigel on side, and they are in a race for the treasure with Bigg Bunny, a ganster whom Ben owes money to. Will they ever find the treasure, and who will get there first?

When I first read the plot, I did think that it sounded a bit silly, especially a gangster character being called ‘Bigg Bunny’, but I hoped that the talents of McConaughey and Hudson would be able to rescue what sounded like a somewhat ludicrous plotline. Being shot in both the Bahamas and Queensland, Australia, the film has a real glow to it that looks so summery and beautiful, I just wanted to jump straight on a plane over there! This is another saving grace of the film, but did make me feel quite jealous as it was pouring down with rain whilest I watched it!

As a lover of the film How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days which starred both these actors, I really hoped that the chemistry between the pair would still be there and create great comedy as could be found in that film. I was very pleased to see that both actors were up to their comedy best in this film, bouncing off each other, and delivering the one liners with comic timing and perfection…not to mention a certain scene involving a cane that had both me and my fiance laughing our heads off at! Hudson was slightly downbeat throughout the film because of her storyline of being divorced but clearly in love with Ben, but still gave a good performance. McConaughey was energetic, hilarious and looked like he was having a great time throughout which made me enjoy it all the more.

I have read several things criticising the English accent of actor Donald Sutherland who played Billionaire Nigel Honeycutt but I found him quite amusing to watch actually! His character was a bit of a drip who is clearly being taken for a ride by his American bimbo daughter Gemma played fantastically by Alexis Dzenia, but it was an amusing storyline. It sort of sat alongside the main story and by the end Nigel felt somewhat redundant in the film, but still it was a nice little extra bit in the film. And finally Bigg Bunny was played by Kevin Hart in a strange performance. I wasn’t quite sure who he was trying to be but it just seemed confused and quite ridiculous. Most odd of all was Ray Winstone with a strange American accent from down south but it didn’t suit him and he just seemed annoyingly stupid, albeit funny at times.

The film is billed as a romantic comedy and I think it delivers quite well on this front. There were definitely a lot of laughs throughout, mainly from Hudson and McConaughey, and the pair did a good job in their lead roles. The supporting cast also did a good job with the material given, and an upbeat and exotic sounding soundtrack added to the beauty and sunnyness of the whole film. Location-wise, they couldn’t have picked better; clear blue sea, beautiful sunshine and great picturesque scenes. The diving scenes were also incredibly well done as well, especially involving some ‘underwater caves’ and these scenes were well shot and enjoyable to watch.

This was a pretty fluffy movie that clearly was never going to be one of the best films ever made, just from reading the plot you can see that, but it was a good film nonetheless. The best parts about the film were definitely its leading man and lady, and they carried what could have been a ridiculous film through to be quite a good comedy. The glorious sunny beaches and blue seas of the Bahamas and Australia were lovely to see and lights up the miserable weather for a couple of hours, and it’s certainly worth a watch if you’re a fan of this genre. One thing I would say was that at nearly 2 hours long, it felt just a bit too long and dragged out, it easily could have ended half an hour before it did. However, it was still enjoyable and a good enough watch.

Directed by Andy Tennant, and written by John Claflin and Daniel Zelman. The film has a 12 certificate, and runs for 113 minutes, which I did think was a tad too long.

Main Cast:

Matthew McConaughey … Benjamin Finnegan

Kate Hudson … Tess Finnegan

Donald Sutherland … Nigel Honeycutt

Alexis Dziena … Gemma Honeycutt

Ewen Bremner … Alfonz

Ray Winstone … Moe Fitch

Kevin Hart … Bigg Bunny

Thank you for reading.