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Finding Inspiration

“I have a dream”, “Ask not what your country can do for you..”, “Four score and seven years ago..” these are words spoken by some of the greatest men in the history of our great nation. They are words meant to inspire and invoke emotion in their intended audience. We all look for inspiration on a daily basis, whether it be to do a better job in the workplace or find the energy to go a little farther in life but, I have learned a valuable lesson in the my 37 years on this earth. Inspiration does not come from words or outside stimuli, inspiration must come from within.

I have had a desire to be a motivational speaker and travel from company to company or city to city delivering motivational speeches and watching others excel because I motivated them. However, I have learned that I cannot inspire anyone, they must inspire themselves. I know that many experts would disagree with me but let me explain my point of view.

All of the great motivators of our time, including Dr Martin Luther King Jr and John F. Kennedy, didn’t inspire anyone, rather they gave people the tools to inspire themselves. You and I can do exactly what they did if we know how to put the pieces of this puzzle together and it is a simple puzzle. First we must set the example. If I am not motivated or inspired how can I expect those within my span of influence to be motivated. Since motivation and inspiration come from within we need to look deep within ourselves and find what we are passionate about. It doesn’t matter, really what it is, just what brings out our passion. For me it is writing poetry and reflections on life and happiness. Secondly we have to provide the tools that others can use to find their own inspiration. We must show them how to look within themselves and find out what they are truly passionate about. Being passionate about something and nurturing that passion can be a catalyst for our entire lives. It can bring about new life in someone who has given up. I use my passion for writing to motivate me in my career of Training Call Center phone agents. I am able to help them find their motivation and be successful in their jobs and careers. I can’t affect absolutely everyone, but those who are willing to look within and find whatever passion is hidden there are able to motivate and inspire themselves and teach others to do the same.

In a society of multi-taskers and Soccer Moms, it is easy for people to forget why they do the things they do and easy for them to forget the passions of their youth. We spend countless hours teaching our young to keep their passion in control, but we don’t show them how to use it and it shows in the face of our nation. If we could teach our children to use their passion rather than bury it, imagine what they could achieve.

Be passionate and act on that passion. You can greatly affect your life and the lives of many around you. Who knows, maybe you can go on the road and take these small words of wisdom to a much larger audience. Maybe you can be one of the great motivators of our generation.