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Finding Faith no Faith

     “He who has little faith.”  And then there are those people who have no faith at all.  None.  No belief in God, no belief in Heaven and no belief in Jesus.  They look around at  Creation and say,  ‘it all just happened’.  They give no credit at all to Our Lord, but  write it off as an accident.  It’s sad, because the facts can be so confusing when you have no faith.  See you may laugh, but satan really does have these people wrapped around his finger.  For he loves to confuse you and thus deny God His just Praise from you.  But I know you are so smart you can handle anything.  You can even handle death, not being prepared.  Not.

      For in the end you will reach out, with a whimper, for the Lords help.  And He will not deny You.  But you are sure wasting a lot of time toiling on this earth,   Denying Him here and cursing Him there.  And when that day does come, it will be all so clear.  And it will all be right there in front of you to see.  What you gave and what you took.  You will see the Truth and  will know.  Then you can no longer have faith or believe anymore, for you know.  

    So now would be the time to start practicing your faith.  Or at least make one more effort to reach out beyond yourself, beyond humanity, to what is our very core.  For me this is like breathing.  I may be weak, but my faith is very, very strong.  It’s not about money or status.  They are measured on the outside.  It’s about what is in the inside.  Who you really are, your bare soul.  And trust me on this, you have a soul which will live on forever.  Trust me!

     But preparing yourself doesn’t happen as your plane barrels toward earth or before that operation.  It is a process that won’t be easy, but will take you from where you are now to a point that is closer to God. For if you did believe, your actions and words would literally sicken you.  For you will begin to understand what you actually were doing.  As Our Lord carried Our cross though the streets, beaten and crowned with thorns, they mocked Him and spit on Him.  And what did you do?  The wrath of God is upon us.  But Jesus took on all that wrath and scorn and suffered, suffered more than most, and died for our sins.  Died for you, suffered for you, was mocked because of you and was spit upon because of you.  

     But you’re above that, aren’t you?  Laughing in your chair, only making things worse.  But at least you can’t say you weren’t told. So as the universe rapidly expands both time and space, you go about your meager little task.  I say meager in reference to our last day.  For change takes time.   Excuse me, while I go pray for lost soul.  Feel the difference.