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Fear of Death

Fear can be thought of as an acronym: False Evidence Appearing Real. Death can also be thought of in similar terms: Done Experiencing As This Human. If we are Spiritual beings having a human experience than there is no death and any worries we have about it are based on misconceptions, collective conscious belief system and/or doubt.

Where does your belief rest? Unity founder Charles Fillmore once suggested that death can be transcended and that was the key to the teachings of Jesus. He saw the resurrection as the one of the many purposes of Christ’s walk on this earth. Fillmore believed we too were capable of overcoming this thing we call death. Whether we can or not is up to each individual. What does seem clear is that there is no end to life, just life as we know it in this now moment.

One of the most amazing explanations if you will about death comes from a Nineteenth century clergyman and poet. Henry Van Dyke wrote a short poem called Gone from my Sight. To paraphrase the piece Van Dyke likens death to a ship leaving port. We the survivors stand on the beach or the boardwalk, sadly bidding farewell to the vessel, watching until it disappears beyond the horizon. However, Van Dyke reminds us that nothing about the boat has changed. It is still exactly as we knew it, all that has changed is our perception of it, our perspective. He further notes that while we have said our sad farewells, there is someone waiting on the other side rejoicing and welcoming and the ship.

What if we changed our perception, our words. What if instead of saying He died we say He made his transition. This in fact is how it is described in the Unity Church I have attended for many years. A transition from this life to the next form of being. Certainly it does not mean we can not be sad or miss the one who walked with us on earth, but if we knew in our hearts they still existed, that we simply could no longer see them, would that not ease the pain of our loss just a little?

There are those who know as they near the time of their departure that they do not want a tear-filled mourning time. While a rememberance can and should take place, what if it was a celebration? We can celebrate both the life they lived and all they gave in their human form as well as their moving on to Spirit. Some like to image their loved one in a place where streets are paved in gold, others believe there is simply a time of peaceful sleep until either they return to human form or awakened by their God. What ever the belief, the truth is we do not know and it is the not knowing that leads one to fear.

Of this we are certain, at this point, death happens. It is the frame of mind and the spiritual references we hold that will be the final determination as to how we chose to approach our final hours.