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Fasting Month Ramadan Month Holy Month

The holy month of Ramadan is really a good month and whether you are a Muslim or not, you can use this time to exercise patience, diligence, discipline and at the same time testing your perseverance level of having no food and drinks.

The holy month of Ramadan, also called the fasting month, is a good way for one to ‘rest’ the digestive system. The holy month of Ramadan is done once every year and at least once a year, your digestive system will be able to rest by not processing food on a regular, daily basis. That is certainly healthier and allows your body to rest as well. Use the opportunity to practice patience; this is also one of the months that one is able to get a ‘feel’ of what it is like to be in poverty without food and drinks. But of course, up to a certain point.

The Muslims will break their fast once the sun sets and that’s when they will rejoice in eating and drinking. But the most blessings of all would be the fact that you just need to eat and drink a bit and you will already feel full; as though you have eaten for that one whole day, and not needing that extra serving.

During this holy month too you will see families and relatives gathering for a reunion and this makes the spirit of togetherness more becoming. Hence, people tend to get more closer during the month of Ramadan and there are also certain miracles that tend to happen during this holy month.

Different people will have different set of experiences and you will be very appreciative of being able to enjoy this world at least with the minimal substance you have. Having no food nor drinks for 1 month for a certain timing does make one come to their senses and hence, having a more better and positive approach towards life in general.

One more thing that always occur in the holy month of Ramadan would be this very special day which no one knows and it’s a secret. This secret blessings will come to those who are truly deserving and have been most sincere and pious during the month. The secret blessings can come in any form of test and those whom do get the secret day blessings are truly lucky. Stories have been heard of angels disguising as humans and being poor, asking for help, donation and kind souls (humans) will help them out in the best of their ability. That is really so touching and the heart feels that the people that have passed the test are really deserving of the blessings in store for them, which they do not know certainly. It can come in any form and at any circumstances at all.

Last but not least, the Muslim holy month of Ramadan is also a platform for Muslims to repent from their past mistakes, grieving and regretting over it and making a better life out of it. Therefore, learning from mistakes made and not repeating it again will be the best solution.

There are also non-Muslims who have enjoyed trying to ‘fast’ and they succeed. Muslim holy month of Ramadan is a special time not to be missed. Muslims all over the world will use this opportunity to do more good things for God’s blessings and forgiveness.