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Faith Hope and Spiritual Growth

Trusting your own spiritual growth

Belief in our own spiritual growth takes a walk of faith, a hoping heart and courage many of us do not know we have. Faith begins at birth. Before we can reason, our instincts propel us forward. We crawl, then walk, then run because we think, oh yes we can! And the power tools of faith are praise and unconditional love. These feelings give wings to our self esteem and inspire our dreams. Whether we get praise and love from others, or whether we nearly break our arms patting ourselves on the back, doesn’t matter. Sometimes we may have only one parent to love us. Sometimes we may be on the outs with our siblings and feel like the black sheep or our families. Sometimes faith seems a little hard to catch and harder to hold onto, if we aren’t getting what we feel like we need from others. Remember this: Others respond to us as they need to, not necessarily as we appear, or are. We may be lovable, though no one seems to show us what we consider as real love. People respond in ways based on their own life and circumstances and not ours. If we don’t receive the love and praise we feel we deserve, then we may feel ourselves feeling “put upon” or left out. Yet, we are just as important as other folks…and count too.. We will do well to look inside our own hearts and love ourselves and we will begin to trust our own spiritual growth!

We may have been born into a set of circumstances where success pretty much depends on the power within and the luck of the draw. Yet, in every heart, hope whispers (and sometimes yells) to the world at first breath. Seeing our power in action, setting goals, working plans, emerging victorious are elements which nurture hope. Surround yourself with positive thinkers, We need to ask ourselves what we love most. What do we want to do? What makes us happy and what gives us unbridled joy. That is what we need to follow because therein lies our happiness. And happy people grow and mature and find strength within. Surrounding ourselves with people who are good and full of kind words, people who are lights on the dark hills of this world, help us to trust in our own spiritual growth!

Courage is sometimes slim to none, making the greatest enemy of trusting in our spiritual growth-fear-hard to overcome! We lack courage because we are imperfect and sometimes we fail and are embarrassed. Self esteem nosedives! Praying, meditating, reading great literary works, books which remind us of our lofty purpose and destiny in life, helping children, petting animals, exercise…all of these help regain our courage. And by recognizing fear as an emotion worthy of respect-and a friend if we learn from- helps us to trust our spiritual growth. I have been asked before, “Aren’t you afraid of flying?” I say, “Yes, but I am more afraid of the fear of flying, than the flying!” Do not bow down in fear while dreams slip through your hands!

Step out on faith and say, “World, here I am. I know the ground is Holy, but so am I.” Train for life like a gold medalist trains for the Olympics. Let the door of fear close behind you. And you will trust in your own spiritual growth!