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Faith a Gift of God

This is a testament both to my Faith and a Gift of God that I’ll need to tell a story which I’ve kept silent about for years due to my own inability to accept what happened as something super-natural. Accepting this as fact would mean that God acted through me and then there would be no doubt that there is really a God and no reason for me to continue to not follow the ways of Our Lord.

I received a message one day a few years ago from a friend that a mutual friend of ours had at a very young age suffered an anuerism was languishing in a hospital in a coma and would most certainly die or be brain damaged at the least This was difficult for me to handle as I had loved this woman dearly but we had gone our separate ways as our love had never become physical and was a love of devout friendship. I cried hysterically when I heard the news and in typical fashion was trying to block it out as I did with most terrible happenings in my life.

Marge and I had been in love years ago and were for awhile inseperable. She liked to do too many drugs as a large portion of the teen population did in the 1970’s and left herself open to what can only be described as a date rape scenario. It happened at the hands of a male counterpart and broke my heart that he could so inconsiderately do this to a woman I had dated for such a long time. When I heard I asked her point blank about it as everyone knew that this character had the gift that just keep on giving, herpes! We never consumated our love and went our separate ways.

Years went by and I had all but forgotten those ill fated days when the aforementioned phone call came and I was brought to hysteria over my inability to do anything to help my beloved friend. I always hugged and kissed Marge when we ran into each other and told her how beautiful she was and now she was in a coma, dying and I would never get to speak with her again.

What happened is hard to fathom in the realm of what is real and what is imagined but God came to me in a vivid dream and told me to go find Marge. I called our mutual friend and was told she had had surgery to try to repair the vessel which burst in her head but remained comatose and was in a rehabilitation center not far from my home. It was after 10 pm and visiting hours were over but I followed His lead and drove directly to the center.

I walked into the center and to the nurses station and asked for Marguerite W…….’s room. There isn’t a need to divulge the last name as this isn’t important to this testament. The nurse on duty gave me the room number never questioning what I wanted with her but as I was walking away I heard her gasp about what was Dr. Faith doing here at this hour. I’m not a doctor just a lowly carpenter who happened to have a nice suit courtesy of a wealthy wife. I proceeded on my quest of faith to Marge’s room and found her there tubes everywhere, silent in a coma.

Her head had been shaved to I assumed repair the burst vein in her head and there was a terrible scar. I whispered quietly into her ear. “Margie, it’s Matthew, are you there?”, and got no response. She lay there motionless. I touched her head holding my hand over the stiched area and called on our Lord. “Our Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come,thy will be done…..” I prayed over her for what seemed like a long time but was probably only 5 minutes.

I didn’t realize I was crying but thee tears streamed down my face and I slumped back into the chair next to her bed noticing the flowers I had sent. How could God do this to such a nice girl and with two small children I wondered when I heard a voice. “Who is that?”, the voice continued and I turned to see Marge looking at me. I identified my self and we held hands and cried together and she told me the last thing she remembered. “Where am I?” she asked?

The next hour or so we kissed passionately and a reassured her that everything would be alright. She remembers nothing of that night and has since recovered to the point where she functions quite well but has some short term memory loss and slurred speech. I never speak of the incident as it seems unreal. When her friend called and told me of her miraculous recovery I played “dumb” and acted suprised. I have never shared this with anyone until now and only because you are all faceless and can’t ridicule me for being such an un-Godly man. God has given me a gift, Matthew, Gift of God<<<<< that I refuse to use as it is much to hard to care than be care-less. I don't know what exactly happened that night but I do know that God chose a "man named Faith" to be his vehicle to heal Marge. Keep the Faith. I wish I could and I AM Faith! www.faithco.com