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Facts about the Archangel Sandalphon

With a quite intriguing name that brings into mind something about footgear, this archangel’s name is not actually found in the Scriptures (or the modern Bible). Others call this angel “Sandolphon” (without an “e”), or “Sandolfon,” which in Greek means “co-brother.” Also, just like other archangels not listed down in the Scriptures, this archangel appears in many sources of data, online and printed ones. A few of the more interesting ones is listed down here:

1) [S] He is the patron angel of music and heavenly song. [S]He is also called “the guardian of heavenly kingdom.”

2) There are beliefs from several sources indicating that the prophet Elijah turned into an angel “Sandalphon” when he was taken into heaven (See the Second Book of Kings, chapter 2 for complete details). Or that the prophet Elijah (named Elias in other sources) was the human incarnation of this angel.

3) Angel practitioners say that Sandalphon is the twin brother of the archangel Metatron. However, a webpage (by the “Innerlightworkers,” click on this link for additional information) shows a different explanation on this, and has continued to describe that the two archangels are actually “Brothers in Arms,” with Metatron being the “Soul Star to my (his) Earth Star.” The angelworkers (people who seek out influence of angels to help solve problems) have described that Sandalphon was heard explaining the connection being: “here needs to be the two that are joined together in some shape or fashion, in order for information to flow from the other to the one, and the one to the other” (Click on this link to read the complete quote and for additional details).

4) [S] He is associated with the “Malkuth,” the first stage or sphere of the “Tree of Life,” according to Kabbalists’ esoteric (associated with Jewish mysticism) lore. Together with Metatron, [s]he is one of the “two mighty cherubs” of the “Tree of Life” – the main symbol of Kabbalists, referring to a geometrical arrangement of 10 spheres (Sephiroth) linked with a different archetypal idea or aspect of the divine. As being the presider of the Malkuth, Sandalphon will determine if one is ready for the next stages of the Tree of Life. Meditation prayers seeking this angel’s help may be read in the pages of this book found online.

5) Secondary sources point out Sandalphon (or most probably the counter-part of “Sammael”) as the “Angel Ruler” of the “Seven Heavens,” following the teachings in the Talmud and Islam on traditionally categorizing the Universe into this number of realms.

6) [S]He is among the “Chief Celestial Angel-Prices (The Sarim, or singing angels continually singing praises of God, and believed to be protecting the nations of the world). [S]He is described as “angel of power and glory.”

7) [S]He is believed to be one of the tallest hierarchs in the heavenly spheres, such that with this height, a five-hundred year journey would have to be made from this angel’s feet to his / her head. Also, as gathered from secondary sources, Moses saw this angel in the Third Heaven, and called him / her “the tall angel.”

8) [S]He is the angel to call for influencing the gender of babies among expectant mothers.

9) Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, the poet, calls him / her the “Angel of Glory, Angel of Prayer” in his poem “Sandalphon” (Read the whole poem here).

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