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Extraterrestrial Creation of Man Origin of Man – Yes

Certainly humanity was created by extraterrestrials. When we talk of humanity we talk of man and his pedigree. The origin of man is a thing that we must not fail to recorgnize.The nature of man is such that he is made in an image and has a form that is attribute of his creator. When we talk of extraterrestrials we are referring to ecological term denoting that which is outside our realm of existence. Extraterrestrial denotes that which is beyond our ecosystem. There is ample evidence to support the fact that humanity was made of this origin.

It is important to first determine whether there is anything that can be called extraterrestrial being. Are there extraterrestrial beings and where are they located? If there are extraterrestrial beings of what relevance are they to us humans? It is also important to know if there are infallible proofs to the existence of these extraterrestrial beings.

The answers to these questions will go a long way towards revealing if man could have been made by extra terrestrial beings. Are there extraterrestrial beings? The answer to this is certainly yes. The history of man upon the earth is as old as history of human contacts with the extra terrestrial being around us. Supernatural concurrencies abound all over the world to proof to this fact. There have been many cases of angelic visitations to individuals of all generations. There are also documented evidences of the supernatural beings all around us. One could argue these facts based on the bases of lack of personal experience. However in the hall of fame in Washington United States is a picture of a prophet William Marion Branham.Brother Branham was photographed with a supernatural light encircling his head. The picture was subjected to investigations and chemical analyses in the USA.After all these it was officially proofed that the light was real and was first picture of the unseen world around us.

The extraterrestrial beings around us do not exist under our frequencies. Man presently exists under a very low frequency. Humanity and atheist quickly refer to invisibility of God as a sign that he does not exist. But it is simple to note that around us are waves of all kinds. We cannot see these waves of different wavelenght.Some are radio waves, some are radioactive materials deleterious to us, we do not see them but they exist. Thus God and the extraterrestrial beings through which man came exist in a higher dimension than we are living. I will call this the third dimension for now. The bible is also not ignorant of this. Apostle Paul told us that he was translated to the third heaven.

The life of the extraterrestrial beings is of extra-importance to man. Man was made with five senses to contact his environment. The 5 senses are for Sight, taste, touch or feel, hearing, speech. These five senses are not so important in contacting the extraterrestrial world. These are also basic facts that differentiate man from the rest of the animal world. If man was an evolution being as some postulate we would only end up with these five senses. But man has another sense to contact the unseen world, which is the sense of faith or doubt. That man has this extra sense points to the fact that we are not ordinary and has a link with the extraterrestrials. It also goes to show the importance of these extraterrestrials to humanity. The destiny of man depends upon his relationship with the extraterrestrials.

Animals of all kinds do have one sense or the other depending on their types. This also goes to show that man never evolutes from animals. The same God that made the animals made man. Evolutions failed to establish a positive relationship between the senses and the evolutionary trends. Inasmuch as higher vertebrates like primates are more intelligent than lower vertebrates like birds, man has been able to teach lower vertebrates like birds to speak some human words. Parrots for example have been taught to speak clearly some human words. These attributes have not been shown by any primate, yet they are higher following evolutionary theory.

Having established the existence of the extraterrestrial let us consider the nature of man. Man is made up of a body like any other animal. Ordinarily speaking the natural man is not like other animals. Man has pent dactyl limbs like all other mammals. Man has mammalian features like four chambered hearts, mammary glands, care for the young etc and cranial capacity like primates and other mammals.

However a detailed look at man would show any observer that existence of humanity is beyond the realm of the body and the flesh. The social psychologist and social scientist can classify man as social animal. Activities and attributes of man clearly show that man is more than social animal. Man has the ability to reason, to create to reconstruct and to govern other creatures. Man has the capacity of getting INSPIRITATIONS AND REVELATIONS. These are very facts and factors that are lacking in the rest of the animal kingdom.

I have studied etiology very well. That is the science of Animal behaviour.In etiology we notice that animals are born with ready made instincts. These are encoded in their gene as they come forth from the womb. Man has much of this too. We also notice that animal have ability to learn. Therefore the behavior of animals could be classified based on either instincts or learning. The ability to learn now classify the animals into different groups again, these has to do with the extent of ability to learn.

The ability to learn in animal has also been attributed to their cranial capacity. By this we mean the size of the brain matter and the volume of the brain. The classification based on volume of the brain will give us separation of the fishes, the reptiles, the birds, the mammals as different learning entities. In the world of birds we have different learning capacities. Some learn more than others. The parrots for example learn more than others, and then penguins also learn very well. But there scope of learning are very limited compared to the mammals. Note they are all born with instinctive behaviors attributes. The mammals have diverse leaning abilities. The dogs, apes etc have their learning abilities. But these are nothing compared to the far beyond measure learning ability of man.

Man therefore is not only learning and having instinct but has ability to catch inspirations. Man has ability to catch revelations. Man has something molding his character more than other animals like the primates. The family pongidae, the apes, have good learning ability. But they are not like man. They still do not have these extra means of abilities. What then is so peculiar about man? Why is man so different from the apes and the birds and the rest of the animals? Why is man able to get inspirations and revelations and have ability for extraterrestrial powers? The inventions of man and his postulations, attest to these facts of extra terrestrial powers. What are so special then about man and his origin?

On this precinct I address the issue of man origin. It is quite simple and seemingly safe to say that man is a product of evolution. This is because we can see our environments and animal around us. The evolutionary theory is full of faults if we look at it from the point of the realities and attributes of man. The evolutionist will like to refer back to Darwinism. So also those that believe in extraterrestrial creation of man will refer back to the bible and its ideas of creation.

Unfortunately many do not like to hear about the bible but quickly refer to the Darwin theories. The Darwin theories are your reference point just as the bible is reference point of them that believe God. So lets not down play each others references till we make our points clear.

The attribute of man to have ability to break into the realms of inspiration and revelations, shows that man is not just made of a body. It shows that man has SOMETHING ELSE CALLED A SPIRIT. The spirit being in a man is that which contacts the extra terrestrial world, breaking into the realms of inspirations and revelations. These are basic factors underlying the distinctiveness of humanity over the evolutionary animalistic forms. If man evolutes from the animals’ man would certainly be like the animals in every thing. Man could have been a product of divergent evolution.

A sturdy of embryology reveals the formation of man in the womb. However after the baby is born, it is still not a living soul till it takes in the breath of life. The human spirit enters the baby through that first breath of life. There are many cases of still born babies. If a baby does not cry out for this it is spanked by nurses and usually they cry out taking that breath of life. This is not so with all other animals. Evolution would not have stopped because it should be a continuous thing. Conditions of the earth never stop. The earth is not static but dynamic in weather, biotic and abiotic factorial changes.

The ability of man to have inspirations and revelations gives one idea of another nature of man, the SPIRIT. If man has a spirit, then he has to be a spirit being. The law of reproduction of nature is that every seed will bring forth after its kind. If every seed brings forth after its kind, then dogs will give birth to dogs. Goats will give birth to goats; birds will give births to birds. Here we see that there are crossbreeding abilities of some organisms. These produces hybrids and most hybrids are sterile. This is because it goes against laws of nature. The unsterile hybrids with time loose what we call hybrid vigor or heteroses.One of the laws of thermodynamics says every thing tends to go back to state it was as at beginning.

If man has a spirit, he has to be spirit being from start, which is from creation. If man can break forth into inspiration and has revelations these are not fleshly. It shows we have another power outside the body which most animal carry. A man without hands and legs can live and reason well. He does not feel diminished though handicapped. In him is exact complete human attribute. He is a full man though handicapped to show that man is more than flesh and blood.

What then is man? Man is a creature of a supreme being called God. As the bible said let us make man in our own image after our likeness God said. Man was made in the image of God. What is Gods image? That is a spiritual image? God is a spirit and man is made a spirit being. This simple fact separates man from the rest of the animals. This dwarfs all Darwinism theory of evolution of animal to become man. Thus man made in the image of God has spiritual nature like the spirit that made him.

Certainly the creation as bible told us started from small organisms. A careful look at the bible tells us how God started creating by the spoken word. One will see this as foolish that a word can be spoken and become creative. But it is even more foolish to think that Gods words have no power, when we consider ordinary science of waves and wind energy. There are sound waves and sound energy. We are living in the days of alternative energy. A blast of sound can set up explosions and massive destruction as far as science is concerned. So it is foolish to think that the words of the almighty God the extra terrestrial, does not have power when our word or winds we can create, or the sound we can make have powers.

That man has an extra terrestrial creator is manifest in mans ability to call upon the extraterrestrial being and get answers immediately. We have seen many miracles and most inexplicable signs astounding to science. Man has called on the extraterrestrial being and changed natural states of man. The blinds have got their sight in thousands of occasions. The lame have started walking in many instances. Even the dead have being raised in multiples of occasions. These are plain facts attesting to existence of extraterrestrial world and being that made man.

Some may say that it is not true that these miracles happen because they have not seen. That you have never seen is only a sign of your isolation from the realities of life. Even the worst atheist on earth has a sense of inspiration and revelations. The unseen world around us has made us know that since we can break into these realms we have special attributes outside the flesh and the spirit. This brings us to the level of the soul of the man. When we sleep we might have dreams and see ourselves in different places. Man has ability to soul travel and has ability to foretell the futures and they are correct. These capabilities all goes to show the nature of man.

Let every seed bring fort after its kind the bible said. So man is bringing fort after his kind the extraterrestrial nature. Finally man has not been able to interbreed man with the apes. Breeding of man to apes has failed and never produced a living seed. If man and APES ARE SAME, MAN COULD HAVE INTERBRED WITH APES. The family hominids man and the family pongidae the apes cannot interbreed. This shows that we are not same. Note that bible said God made man from the dust of the earth. This is reason why our body is made of elements from the earth. These same elements are found in animal. But the bible told us that God breathed into mans nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul.

So man is not just dust formations as other animal. The bible concludes the origin of man in these words, in the begining was the word,the words was God and the word was made flesh and dwelth among us. John 1v 1,14.After death of a man there is another existence for humanity. Though it might sound paradoxical to many, it is true and we ought to prepare to meet our maker.