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Evolution Versus Creation – Yes

People who believe in God usually believe that God is the creator of the world. They believe that all life and everything in the universe was created by His hand. Many people think that Darwinism, also known as evolution, claims that life was not initiated by God, but was started by random mutations and combinations of molecules, which over time gave us the life forms as we know them. This belief about evolution is the source of many hot debates and claims that evolutionists are atheists and aim to eliminate religion from our lives. After closer examination, evolution does not preclude the existence of God, nor does it explain how life started on earth.

Charles Darwin described the evolutionary process as “descent with modification”. Organisms with characteristics that provide an advantage for staying alive long enough to reproduce will pass those characteristics to the next generation, and over time, these characteristics will be most common in that organism. Darwin came to this conclusion by examining evidence he found in the natural world. He never concluded from his research that God could not exist.

There are many natural processes that no one disputes, like photosynthesis, pollination, reproduction, osmosis, the water cycle, and many others. If God created the world, then we must agree that he created all of these processes. Why couldn’t God create evolution as a part of the natural world as well? Evolution may be a process that God gave to the living world to help with adapting to environmental changes.

Evolution does not seek to explain how life started, just how it becomes diversified. Abiogenesis is the study of the origins of life, and there is scientific consensus on this matter at this time. Basically, scientists do not know how life started on earth, or whether it was created by God or not.

If evolution does not explain how life started, nor claims God does not exist, then God and Darwinism can coexist. According to the Letter Project, over 12,000 Christian clergy members have endorsed a statement that says evolution is a valid scientific theory. Even Benedict XVI said that evolution can coexist with faith, and the theory of evolution could not exclude a role by God.

When we take a close look at evolution, we can see that there is no reason why God and Darwinism cannot coexist. Evolution is just a process within the natural world, making no comment on God. In fact, God may be the author evolution Himself.