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ESPN Overrated Network

ESPN is a very overrated sports network. Many sports fans who are very knowledgeable about sports are aware of this. Their love for this network has been dwindling for years now. It seems that the bigger ESPN gets, the less they care about their audience and instead they focus on what is good for the company.

First, let’s look at what sports ESPN shows. Big NFL or college football games are almost always shown on other networks. These are the two biggest sports when it comes to ratings and ESPN doesn’t even show the biggest games. That’s one problem with saying that ESPN is the king of sports media. They have everything (even poker and bowling) but other networks show better events. The other networks just don’t have the amount of sports that ESPN has. 

ESPN markets itself very well. They have made people associate sports with them. Sports and ESPN are synonomous. However, how much does ESPN really televise real sports that sports fans care about. Turn on ESPN throughout the whole day and you’ll mostly just see a bunch of non-athletes arguing. A sporting event might be shown between 7 p.m. and 11 p.m. and then highlight shows come on where the same highlights are shown and the same issues talked about.

ESPN even hypes up their coverage of college basketball games between lower level teams. They call these games “bracket busters.” These are games that no one would normally care about but since ESPN is showing them and saying how important they are people tune in.

The network has shown they don’t care about the big sports fan. They know those people will tune in. They go after the average person by making stories gossipy. They repeat these stories over and over and have “experts” argue to give different angles to the story.

ESPN has also shown that they are not what a media network should be. They should report on athletes and not be friends with these same athletes. ESPN proved they don’t go along with this line of thinking by the way they handled LeBron James this summer. That is just the latest example but it was a huge one. Many people in the media had a problem with the whole situation. ESPN is worried about building their brand rather than being there for the sports fan. They should think about that though since the sports fan got them to where they are today.