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Enlightenment and God Realisation

Enlightenment is your natural state. It can never be fully explained by your mind. But it can be fully lived from, appreciated and understood only in your heart and from the love that is there.

How can we explain the concept of enlightenment to the mind? What is the purpose of us having a mind?

Enlightenment is initially a state of the preciousness of the fragility of love in the heart, but it is largely being controlled from the mind whilst we are living within these lower worlds and inhabiting a human body. The journey of life is one starting from the mind and its sidekick or its attachment of the ego, back to the gentle disposition and fragile peacefulness of the inner being of the heart. This inner being in the beginning needs this outer buffeting strength factor of the mind to cushion the experiences harshly being given to the body and its mind to enlighten the unconscious love held within the heart to a new state of conscious love.

Love was always enlightened unconsciously, but the explanation of why consciousness never knows this is because consciousness starts in the mind, and it is left there until it mixes enough with love and the unconsciousness of this love. When this is allowed to take place until enough experience is gained, the understanding and wisdom gained now lifts the unconsciousness towards consciousness, and so love moves or manifests itself into another state of itself.

This results in creative output in new ways being adding now to its previously held unconsciousness of its love. A new state of conscious enlightenment is now created. By crisscrossing itself in this way from its majestic living the whole of enlightenment begins from an unconsciousness of its enlightenment and which is said to be the first step towards forever new steps and new experiences. These new steps move soul upwards from itself through its mind to reach now a new and higher conscious form of itself obtained from mixing itself into individual separation and having real experiences of conscious limitation growing into its unconsciousness.

The first step to enlightenment is knowing yourself in this form of self realisation or self recognition. God realisation comes next when the conscious enlightenment of love is experienced now from the individual soul placing itself consciously back into its place within God to function optimally within him as the part that it is within God. God then enlightens more himself at the same time even as each of his parts enlightens within him.

What happens after enlightenment, and after you are now living from a complete level of only unconditional love? What is the next step after that? Is there a next step?

An enlightened person goes to the source of all wisdom and which is the love within their heart and finds that all of their questions were never ever really there to be answered. And yet all that you will ever find in your heart is the answer to all questions and that is love. Questions are never a part of love, but always come from outside of love and usually they are coming from your mind.

This happens consciously in your mind to allow the unconscious love in your heart to become consciously recognised and for your soul to become conscious of itself now also within God and within itself. In the beginning of its journey when first created soul too is largely only unconscious of itself and of its newly created role to be.

Love once understood and allowed to operate fully in your life allows you to live a life for God, building on the love and acquiring wisdom from acting from this love. The love learns from loving and the enlightened person is still learning about love and how it operates and goes into the responsibility of life with the wisdom of acquired understanding of living from an enlightened glow of light obtained from their loving.

Enlightenment is merely opening the door to allowing a greater working for God and to working more fully with the love now opened in you as its clear channel within your heart. Enlightenment is merely the first step to living a life of love for God based now on the truth of this love living within you and then being given back out to others from you. This all takes place within you merely by you being this your true self which is now enlightened, because you now know that your true self is only itself, the real you.

You recognise now that your real self is connected to the love of God from you now seeing this same light of love of God within yourself. You recognise now the God within yourself, and you also feel the connection to you within God.

Enlightenment brings you to yourself. After enlightenment you give yourself back to God. Enlightenment is your gift of love from God. Being yourself and being the part of God that enlightenment brings to you is your gift of yourself back to God.

There is nothing external to us, enlightenment always takes place within us. Even the trinity in Christianity is only an internal aspect of ourselves.

There is no external father, son or holy spirit. The son is us, the father is God, the spirit is our soul.

God is not external to any of us, but arises from the complete accumulation of all of the parts acting and connecting together. God is the sum of his parts, and arises like a field of love from these parts connecting together and working together. The more of his parts that are working together in this way the greater force God becomes for these parts. Enlightenment brings us to God, from ourselves.
This is all true in a way, except for the fact that God exists despite or in spite of his created parts. They are created from within him, but he always remains greater than his parts or the sum of his parts, as there is a part of him that he never gives away or divides up to give them their freedom. This part of God is his infinite role of creative love. He places love in each created part, but the source of that love always remains within God.

Enlightenment returns us to our own source of love, and then we reconnect to the real source of love and to God. Enlightenment is realising of our self in this way, God realisation is taking this to its final step and being the part of God in God that we really are and freely electing to do so, because we now know this all truly to be so.
As the old song goes, “Jesus loves me this I know, for my soul has told me so.”

When our soul starts to speak to us and when we stop blocking its input, we receive then an unconscious recognition of the possibility of conscious enlightenment. We allow our soul to show us itself, and we give our own wisdom of our experience back to our soul. Our soul then becomes conscious of its previously unconsciously enlightened state, and this then brings us both to complete conscious enlightenment. We must all work together to achieve this.

We, here means our soul, our mind and our connective spirit of love linking us to God. Our feelings, and even our physical bodies also play a part. All must work together in a balanced way to help us to finally reach enlightenment all together. If we neglect any part of us, it can become a stumbling block or a thorn in our psyche that prevents us from taking that final step towards complete enlightenment and to recognition of ourselves within God.

Withdrawing from the world never completely works, and neither does trying to lose our self in the world. Enlightenment is primarily a state of balance between consciousness and unconsciousness and the love moving between the two and emerging from our soul as it resides within the greater love of God.